From WR to DB signs.

Overall my opinion on drafting Michael Floyd has changed. Floyd is to high value to be able to fall down to the 19th pick. But WR isn’t just the only position that needs to be fixed. There is OL, QB, HB, DL, LB, CB, and S. Pretty much nearly every position needs to have a new addition added to it. Here are my opinions on who should be signed.

First option: Grab Brandon Carr (CB), Marques Colston (WR), Pierre Garcon, and a cheaper value OL man.

Charles Tillman isn't getting any younger so we need to find a replacement. Carr is young and can be placed on the other side of Tillman until Tillman starts to decline. Also did anyone else watch Carr in the Broncos vs Chiefs game? Carr was playing some good football.

Vincent Jackson has been a favorite with a lot of people but my opinion the Bears should sign Marques Colston or Dwayne Bowe. Pierre Garcon would be a pretty good #2 option in the WR corps and would be a welcome FA addition for the Bears. Brandon Keith will be available in the FA and he would be an upgrade to Lance Louis. Keith could possibly start at LT but I wouldn't hold my breath on it.

Another option is: Marques Colston (WR), new OL man, and Terrell Thomas (CB).

Marques Colston has everything that makes Jay Cutler comfortable. As long as Jay Cutler is comfortable then the Bears are going to win games.

J'Marcus Webb has been fine but definitely not starting worthy. The Bears have found a new possible Guard in Edwin Williams so all the Bears really need is a new Tackle and possibly a new Center. For Tackle there is only one name that I see which is Demetrius Bell. My opinion sign Bell and the Bears will have a somewhat solid line with Demetrius Bell (LT), Chris Williams (LG), Roberto Garza or Chris Spencer (C), Edwin Williams (RG), and Gabe Carimi (RT).

Terrell Thomas has been out for the whole year and with Prince Amukamara having a great year Thomas will most likely become a free agent. Within the 2009 and 2010 season’s Thomas had a combine total of ten interceptions and 5 forced fumbles. Thomas is great at performing turnovers which Is exactly what the Bears look for. Thomas is a perfect fit for the Chicago Bears.

For all the other positions there are tons of talented guys that will be free agents and also lie within the draft. But I do have to say do not let Brandon Meriweather go. Meriweather has some kind of talent within him. That pro bowler he once was couldn't of just gone away in such a young player. You never know if that inner pro bowler will come back out and even until then Meriweather is a decent back-up safety.

Like always comment and answer the poll.

Also yes, when I heard the Bears fired Jerry Angelo in the middle of writing this I literally screamed like a little girl because I was so happy.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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