Thoughts From NFL: Week before the Super Bowl edition

HONOLULU, HI - JANUARY 29: Brandon Marshall #19 of the Miami Dolphins poses with the Most Valuable Player of the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl award at Aloha Stadium on January 29, 2012 in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)

The last few weeks Chicago Bears fans have been teased with the Twitter back and forth between quarterback Jay Cutler and Miami Dolphins wide receiver, and former teammate of Jay's in Denver, Brandon Marshall. The rumors and speculation were running wild linking Marshall to the Bears. After seeing how Marshall can look with a good QB throwing him the ball (his 4 TD MVP performance in the Pro Bowl) I wonder if Miami management will think twice about moving him. Then again, I wonder if there's any truth to his being shopped in the first place? But, that ugly trophy could lead the 'Fins to up their asking price. Then again, it's only the Pro Bowl, it's not like any one was playing defense any way. On to my Thoughts which will be Pro Bowl-centric for the first few...

1) I was at Buffalo Wild Wings last night and the Pro Bowl was on (hooray), and every time I glanced over I noticed the defensive linemen going half speed. I was shocked to check the stats to find out there was a sack in the game. Rookie Von Miller must not have received the memo that the linemen didn't want to block.

2) I noticed Cam Newton sucking.

3) I noticed that no one wanted to tackle.

4) I noticed Bears special teamer Corey Graham getting beat on a double move for a TD. Maybe playing defense in the Pro Bowl wasn't the best thing for a guy looking for a free agent pay day to play more defense...

5) And I noticed a lot of beautiful shots of Hawaii that are so much prettier in HD. And enough about the Pro Bowl...

6) Was that really Bill Belichick smiling and cracking a joke?

7) Do you prefer the two week build up before the Super Bowl? I like the extra week myself.

8) Do you think the Super Bowl should always be in a warm weather city? I'm fine with it being in Indianapolis, and I'm warming to the idea that it can be held in an cold weather city's outdoor stadium.

9) I'd like to see new Bears G.M. Phil Emery have a chance to at least draft and fill some needs via free agency before he's criticized.

10) And speaking of the draft, this Mock Draft has the Bears taking Ohio State offensive tackle Mike Adams with the 19th pick. Here's what they said about the selection:

You have to think after the struggles the Bears have had at left tackle this season, drafting a guy like Adams who has the size and athleticism to handle premier NFL pass rushers is a must for them this off-season.

I'd be A-OK with this choice.

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