Players on Defense the Bears should Keep, Trade, or Cut.

The Bears have put together a sturdy roster but there are still some guys on this roster that don’t belong here. So here is a list of 21 players on defense that should be Cut, Traded, or Kept.


Charles Tillman: Charles Tillman finally went to the pro bowl this season. Tillman is an outstanding CB and cutting or trading him would be a huge mistake. Keep

Corey Graham: With the possibility of losing Dave Toub this off-season the Bears need to keep Corey Graham. Graham is an outstanding Gunner and possibly one of the best special team’s player in the league and that is mostly thanks to Dave Toub. Keep

D.J. Moore: Moore has an act of getting the ball in his hands. With 4 INTs in both seasons of being in the NFL Moore deserves a spot on the Bears roster. Keep

Tim Jennings: Jennings doesn’t deserve a starting spot. He blows coverage’s and really has never impressed me in his short tenure with the Bears. I’ll also add he cannot catch a ball to save his life. If he demands the starting job then Cut him. But if he doesn't yell and pout over being a back-up then he can stay and Bowman should be cut.

Zackary Bowman: Bowman is terrible at man coverage but is alright at zone. He is ok for back-up so I would say Keep But if Tim Jennings stays then Bowman has to leave.

Major Wright: In my opinion Wright has a lot of potential and a lot teams might see it. I would trade him along with a draft pick and receive a safety around the same age but with a better skill set. But if not keeping him wouldn’t be a bad decision either.

Craig Steltz: Steltz has always had a red target on his forehead on who should be cut. But this season he has shown he could be a sturdy back-up. Keep

Brandon Meriweather: Meriweather has been a pretty big joke. But this guy has a pro bowler inside of him and you never know if that will come back out. Even if it doesn’t he is a decent back-up. Keep

Chris Conte: Conte has been the most productive rookie within the 11’-12’ season. He will become a great starting safety one day and with the help of Urlacher and co. then he will do just fine. Keep


Brian Urlacher: The ruler of everything Chicago Bearish. I am pretty sure there would be riots if Urlacher would be cut or traded. Keep

Lance Briggs: Briggs is Urlacher’s right hand man and is fast enough to chase down Michael Vick. Briggs is an all-around great player. I would possibly trade him due to his obsession of always wanting more money but if the Bears are willing Keep and give him the money.

Nick Roach: Roach demanded a starting role last off-season but the Bears need a better SLB. He is great at being a back-up but not good enough at being a starter. If Roach isn't willing to give up the starting spot then Cut him.


Julius Peppers: Peppers can man handle an offensive lineman and has the power of making a QB scream like a girl. Keep him unless used in a trade to acquire younger talent.

Israel Idonije: I am a fan of Idonjie but Peppers need a better complementary. If the Bears can acquire a better complementary then Cut Idonije.

Chauncey Davis: He’s had one sack this season and has good play recognition. Keep

Corey Wootton: Young but fragile. He has only one sack and nine tackles in his two years of being in the NFL. Cut

Henry Melton: Young and upcoming. A total of seven sacks and twenty-four tackles this season. Maybe next season Melton and Paea will be starting together. Keep

Amobi Okoye: Deserves an extension on his contract. Okoye is a good starter and a great back-up. Keep

Stephen Paea: Just like I said with Henry Melton. Hopeful to see Melton and Paea start together next season. Keep

Matt Toeaina: Toeaina is an alright DT but definitely doesn’t deserve a starting spot. Still a good young DT back-up though. Keep

Anthony Adams: I watched every Bears game this season but I have not seen Adams on the field and at one point I thought I heard the commentator say that he was cut. But overall Adams shouldn’t be back on the Bears roster next season. If I didn’t notice a 310lb guy on the field that means he hasn’t had much production. Cut

So this is what I would do if I was the GM for the Chicago Bears. So what do you say would you hire me or would you laugh? Let me know in the comments and don’t forget to answer the poll.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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