What the Chicago Bears should do with their own Free Agents - Offense

Hi There,

First time poster here, after reading WCG avidly for the last 18 months, I thought I'd try my hand at writing my own piece. So I decided I'd write about what I think the Bears should do with their own Free Agents this Off Season. I'll start with the Offense, and depending how it is received maybe come back with my ideas for the Defense.

So Join me below the jump for my thoughts.

Matt Forte - RB - The Bears would me crazy to let him get away. I, along with most Bears fans, want to see him awarded a long term contract by this organisation. While I believe this will ultimately happen I think the Bears apply the Franchise tag in 2012, allowing the team to concentrate on filling holes this offseason before going back and discussing an extension during the 2012 season. I know this strategy risks upsetting Forte, but for the Bears it is the most sensible approach.

Verdict - He's going nowhere.

Kahlil Bell - RB - While I think Bell played well in relief of Matt Forte and Marion Barber, he is not a No 1 back. I believe he is a very good back up to Forte, bringing a similar skill set to the table, but he needs to work on ball security (3 fumbles in 2 games) to become more of a consistent threat. As a RFA the Bears should make a decent offer to bring him back.

Verdict - There's a chance he lands somewhere else, but I think he returns to Chicago in 2012.

Caleb Hanie - QB - I count myself among the many Bears fans, who, on the back of his performance against GB in the NFCCG last year, felt comfortable with Hanie backing up Cutler. Well it seems he fooled just about everyone (except maybe Mike Martz) his play in the 4 games he started this year was horrible. He seemed out of his depth, the game was, at times, just too fast for him, his reads were too slow and some of his decisions were very poor to say the least. Although you could make a case for him being let down by the coaches with the game planning and at times by his team mates (I'm thinking REW vs KC and Barber vs both KC and Denver) but a stat line of 3TD's against 9 Interceptions just won't get it done.

Verdict - He's done in Chicago and probably the NFL.

Josh McCown - QB - Played solidly in his 2 starts, he looked more comfortable in the pocket than Hanie for a start, made quick reads (but this could have been down to a simplified game plan) and made plays with his feet. I am not about to bestow No2 status based on these 2 games, but i feel he has done enough to at least warrant an invite to Training Camp to compete for the back up position.

Verdict - Will probably get an invite to Training Camp.

Kellen Davis - TE - He has his detractors, but has shown he can block (better than Olsen) and receive (just not in the same league as Olsen) he is a legit red zone target shown by his 5 TD's on only 18 receptions this season( 9 on 28 for his career). He is still young and I believe he can grow as a receiver, especially with the Bears probably using their Tight Ends in the passing game more. I firmly believe he should get a new contract.

Verdict - Sticks around

Roy Williams - WR - Was brought on board to kick start the passing game on the say so of Mike Martz, who it seems, believed he could get the best out of Roy once again (as we all know REW had his best season under Martz in Detroit) unfortunately it didn't work. Roy struggled early in the season with injury and throughout with inconsistency. He dropped some passes, although not as many as you would think, just at key times to kill drives / games (KC). Improved over the last couple of games but with Martz gone, I doubt the Bears bring him back.

Verdict - He's not in the plans for 2012

I don't profess to be an expert so be kind.... just kidding, feel free to to comment, criticize etc. and as I said I may be back with my thoughts on the Defensive side of the ball.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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