The Weekend Bears Den: October 13, 2012 - Week 6 News and Notes

Doug Benc - Getty Images

The Weekend Bears Den: October 13, 2012 - Week 6 News and Notes

Devin Hester long overdue - Vaughn McClure: Bears record returner hasn't ran back a kickoff or punt for a score since Nov. 13, 2011.

Matt Forte making presence felt on and off the field - Adam L. Jahns: Sees an offensive line that’s starting to jell and find a rhythm. And he sees more chances to run after the bye week.

Under Pressure: Long and Short Sacks - Football Outsiders: Cutler is the only starter in the league who has yet to have taken a quick sack (defined as a sack of 2.4 seconds or less).

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Lovie Smith plans to be a fan during bye weekend - Mark Potash: Lovie Smith plans to get away from it all during the bye weekend — he’s going to watch football instead of coach it. Plus, room for improvement on D and the running game.

Matt Forte on the Bears’ hot start, his teammates and algebra class - Maggie Hendricks talks to Matt Forte.

You still suck, Maggie - She had her usual five - Five! - articles in yesterday's Bears Bites linkdump, and one of them was a twitter-photo of Kellen Davis' birthday cake dessert. Den > Bites.

[Video] CSNChicago: Where the Bears stand - Dan Jiggett's thoughts on the Bears at the bye week.


NFCN rivalswatch Teams most desperate for a win - Gregg Rosenthal's six teams most desperate for a win in Week 6 includes two of our NFCN rivals.

Know thy enemies - Kevin Seifert with five nuggets of knowledge about Week 6 in the NFCN.

Know thy enemy: Lions - [Video] Are the Lions underachieving or overrated?

Know thy enemy: Lions - Calvin Johnson says he had a concussion; Lions say no.

Know thy enemy: Lions - PFF's Three Things to focus on: Lions come off their bye with a surprising 3 losses already, while the Eagles have 3 wins each by a FG or less.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Mike Freeman: Ndamukong Suh is being accused in another car incident. The Lions, and perhaps the NFL, need to intervene because it will be only a matter of time before Suh seriously hurts someone. Being sued in separate case.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - PFF's Three Things to focus on: Standing atop the NFC North the Vikings have a chance to distance themselves from the Packers and Lions with a win vs the Redskins.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Packers, Texans face off with each team missing valuable players.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Jermichael Finley cites chemistry issues with Aaron Rodgers, doesn't blame QB for being 'scared'. So... not looking to be re-signed by the team, then?

Know thy enemy: Packers - PFF's Three Things to focus on: Key questions abound in this tantalizing matchup. Chief among them, can J.J. Watt and the Texans' D get to Aaron Rodgers before the Packers' QB can ignite his team?

Know thy enemy: Packers - Football Outsiders' game capsule on how the Packers' and Texans' offenses and defenses stack up.


Everything else

Players going broke: Who's at fault? - Jack Bechta: Despite programs and efforts by the NFL, NFLPA and players’ advisors, the stage is set for players to go broke.

Behind the curtain of the agent's job - Jack Bechta: After the contract is negotiated, a lot of dirty work gets done when nobody is looking.

Peter King: Promise of defensive juggernaut has become nightmare for Bills - I'm not sorry we didn't land Mario Williams...

Remember all that money Carolina overpaid its RBs? - You might want to use them, Chico. Panthers RBs have only three carries on third down all season -- two on third-and-1, and one on third-and-2.

NFL players need to start using their brains and stop aiming for the head - Gregg Doyel's on my dilf list, but you can't fault him here.


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