Ask a Depressed Jaguars Fan

Hello WCG! I am Kterr from Big Cat Country here to start the weekly thread allowing you all at WCB to ask any questions to us at BCC or visa versa. Congrats again on the Monday Night Football win.

Let me give you a quick update on our season. The 2012 season has been a rough one for Jaguars fans already and many of us don't foresee it improving on the coming weeks. We started out the season with the Jaguars offense looking like a newly improved unit. Blaine Gabbert was clicking in the preseason and newly drafted WR Justin Blackmon had a stellar preseason as well. Our first game against Minnesota was rough as Gabbert had his best game as a pro and should have won the game after a 39-yard TD to Cecil Shorts with 20 seconds left but the defense gave up just enough yards to let the Vikings tie it and win in OT. 20 SECONDS. The offensive line also exited our first game with two more injuries to an already battered line. Injuries, bad luck and lack of talent have simply been the theme to our season. That has never been more on display then against the Texans in Week 2 where the Jaguars were simply over matched in every aspect of the game except maybe punting (yes we drafted a 3rd rd punter....would at least is extremely good but still...a 3rd rd pick!?!). Against the Colts the Jaguars found themselves overmatched in the first half but were able to find a way to win in the end. Mostly this was due to Maurice Jones-Drew's insane 177 yard rushing day which kept them in the game long enough for Gabbert to hit a 80 yard TD strike. The fact that the Jaguars passing offense couldn't get much going against the Colts however left a bad taste in the fans mouth. This problem once again cropped up against the Bengals last week where the Jaguars offense was barely competent against one of the worse secondaries in the league right now (they were missing their top 4 corners).

Overall the start to the season has us Jaguars fans reevaluating a team we thought had the arrow pointing up. In most games it is extremely evident that we lack talent in comparison to other teams. What makes this even more frustrating is that we have been "rebuilding" for four years now and had four straight Top 10 picks. As BCC's manager Alfie Crow recently posted, our GM Gene Smith's seat is ablaze. It wouldn't be a big surprise for the Jaguar's new owner Shad Khan to blow the team up and start fresh starting with the GM. Now our coach Mike Mularkey is in his first season so many think he might get a pass but at the same time, Mularkey is Gene Smith's hand picked coach so if Gene goes, then Mularkey might go, whether thats fair or not. Also the issue of what to do with Blaine Gabbert is a hotly discussed topic over at BCC. Most fans and coaches, minus hot heads or homers, tend to agree that the Jaguars struggles are not Gabbert's fault. The Jaguars have fundamental issues on the OL and with WRs dropping passes. The problem is Gabbert may not be terrible but he hasn't lived up to his Top 10 status yet. It may not be fair as he has little talent around him, but Gabbert will most likely get only to the end of the season to make a case for him to remain the starter. In the end, the Jaguars horrible start has many thinking they will start fresh in the front office, coaching staff and at QB possibly after the season.

Please ask any questions. I will answer the best I can and hopefully some other BCC folk will stop over and share their insight. If you want a good laugh just stop over to BCC and check out some of the comment threads, it hasn't been a good week to be a Jags fan. A got a couple questions for you as well?

What is WCG's opinion of Jay Cutler's off the field behavior?

With Forte still working back from injury how confident are you guys with Bush as the lead back?

Is your secondary really that amazing or is Tony Romo just that bad?

How does it feel to have a winning record? Been a while since us Jags fans have seen one...sigh

Thanks and good luck guys!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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