My All-Time Team

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Hey all! Here's the breakdown of the team I put together in the All-time Mock Draft. I went with the West Coast scheme for offense and a very aggressive 4-3 defense who's strength is in the D-line. If you think my team is the best (Hint: my team IS the best) then go ahead and vote on the Mock Draft Voting fan post. Thanks to all who participated and followed along, and as always, BEAR DOWN!


QB: Joe Montana, 49ers (HOF)

One of if not the best quarterback of all time. He was extremely accurate and was instrumental in the famous West Coast offense that Bill Walsh was famous for perfecting. He won four Super Bowls and didn’t throw an interception in any of them. That’s about as clutch as you can get.

RB: Walter Payton, Bears (HOF)

I don’t care what you say, this guy is the best RB to ever play the game. He was stronger than his size would indicate and was one of the hardest workers ever in the NFL. He was an amazing runner with a nose for the end zone who was also very effective in the passing game.

WR: Marvin Harrison, Colts

The West Coast Offense needs an accurate quarterback, a running back who is good coming out of the backfield, and receivers who run great routes and catch everything. This guy was one of the most consistent and reliable receivers ever (You’ll notice that theme with my WR group). He runs great routes and has quietly worked his way to career ranks of fifth for receiving touchdowns, sixth in yards, and third in receptions. Eight-time pro bowler and Three-time first team All-pro.

WR: Isaac Bruce, Rams

Also very reliable and ran impeccable routes. He was always where he was supposed to be and his quarterback looked to him often. He finished his career seventh in receptions, third in yards, and tenth in receiving touchdowns. He doesn’t seem to get the recognition that other receivers get, but the numbers show that he is one of the best of all time.

WR: Torry Holt, Rams

Nicknamed “Big Play” Torry Holt, he was the other half of one of the most amazing WR tandems ever (see above). Like his long-time teammate, he worked his way to some amazing numbers without causing the trouble that some receivers now seem to enjoy so much. He ended his career 30th in receiving touchdowns, 13th in receptions, and 11th in receiving yards. He completes my WR trio, which features three of the most reliable and sure-handed receivers to ever play the game. Pair them with the most accurate quarterback ever and the best RB ever, and you’ve already got a very explosive offense, and we haven’t even gotten to the tight end…….

TE: Dave Casper, Raiders (HOF)

“The Ghost” was one of the best receiving as well as blocking tight ends of all time. He was instrumental in such plays as “The Holy Roller” and even has a game named for him (Ghost to the Post). Having a fifth weapon in the passing game as well as a willing blocker, Montana could do some nasty things to opposing defenses.

LT: Orlando Pace, Rams

This guy was so dominant that his play made commentators invent the phrase “pancake block” to describe how he just flattened the opposition. He blocked for numerous 3,000-yard passers, including Kurt Warner during his time with the Greatest Show On Turf.

LG: John Hannah, Patriots (HOF)

He was considered the best guard in football during the majority of his career. He made the All-Pro team 10 years in a row, and excelled in both pass-blocking and run-blocking. He was one of the best pulling guards of all time.

C: Dermontti Dawson, Steelers (HOF)

Dawson took over for HOF Mike Webster as the Steelers’ starting center in 1989 and didn’t stop from there until he reached the HOF. He earned All-NFL honors six years in a row and was named the center for the NFL All-Decade team for the 1990’s.

RG: Randall McDaniel, Vikings (HOF)

McDaniel is another one of the best guards of all time. He was named All-Pro nine consecutive times and voted to a record 12 consecutive Pro Bowls. He blocked for six 1,000-yard rushers and five 3,000-yard passers in his career. Fun fact: He was the first guard to catch a touchdown pass in the Pro Bowl.

RT: Jackie Slater, Rams (HOF)

Slater blocked for seven different 1,000-yard rushers. I’m pretty sure I could’ve rushed for 1,000 yards behind this guy. He was known for his incredible work ethic and leadership and was named All-Pro five times. He finishes up my o-line which features four (going on five) Hall of Famers.


DE: Deacon Jones, Rams (HOF)

DT: Merlin Olsen, Rams (HOF)

DT: Bob Lilly, Cowboys (HOF)

DE: Michael Strahan, Giants

I’m gonna go ahead and review my d-line as a group. Half Fearsome Foursome (the better half, IMO), Bob Lilly who was the king of the Doomsday Defense, and Michael Strahan, who holds the record for most sacks in a season. Deacon Jones perfected the head slap, coined the term “sack”, and is one of the most feared tacklers in NFL history. If you aren’t scared of these four guys, you should get your head checked out.

WLB: Lance Briggs, Bears

Briggs is probably the best 4-3 OLBs in the game today. He’s constantly making tackles in the backfield and doesn’t quit until the play is over. He always is going for the turnover and is one pick-six away from tying the all-time record for linebackers currently held by Bobby Bell and Derrick Brooks. He is slightly underrated, but I believe he will one day be in the HOF.

MLB: Mike Singletary, Bears (HOF)

“Samurai Mike”, as he was called, was one of the best middle linebackers of all time, continuing the tradition set by Dick Butkus *shakes fist at Ditka’s Stache*. He was the leader of the best defense of all time and was seemingly all over the field on every play. As he would say, he likes that kind of party.

SLB: Dave Wilcox, 49ers (HOF)

When I selected Wilcox in this draft, one of the participants had the response of “Who?”. While he may not be known to many fans today, he should be. He was so fierce in his day that he was nicknamed “The Intimidator”. That in itself should tell you all you need to know about him. Named All-NFL eight times (five first-team, three second-team).

CB: Mel Blount, Steelers (HOF)

Blount was a prototypical cornerback with ideal size, speed, and intelligence to become one of the best in the league. In his rookie season as starting cornerback, he didn’t allow a single touchdown. He excelled in both man and zone coverage, and specialized in bump and run coverage where he would simply overpower every receiver he went up against.

FS: Paul Krause, Redskins/Vikings (HOF)

Krause still holds the record for most interceptions in a career. This gives my team an amazing ball-hawk who will come down with a good portion of the passes thrown his way.

SS: Jack Tatum, Raiders

Tatum is one of the most feared tacklers of all time, which is pretty impressive for a defensive back. While he may not be the best in pass coverage, he will make every receiver think twice before coming across the middle and will account for his fair share of turnovers. He’s famous for being involved in the “Immaculate Reception” and for paralyzing a player by delivering such a fierce tackle.

CB: Lem Barney, Lions (HOF)

Barney started his career off right, earning Defensive Rookie of the Year honors while being tied for the league lead with 10 interceptions. He was also very adept as a kick returner and scored 11 total touchdowns over his career. Pairing him with Blount gives me two solid corners who will both hold up their end while my insane d-line destroys the opposing quarterbacks.

Special Teams:

K: Gary Anderson, Vikings

As the second all-time leading scorer behind Morten Anderson, this guy hardly ever missed a kick. He made every single kick he attempted in the 1998 season.

P: Brad Maynard, Bears

This guy is one of the best directional punters to play the game. I don’t really see my offense needing to punt very often, but when they do, Maynard is a very solid option.

Head Coach:

Bill Walsh, 49ers (HOF)

Walsh was one of the most amazing offensive coaches of all time. He did not invent the West Coast offense, but he most certainly perfected it. He won three Super Bowls in a nine-year span and during that time, his teams were seemingly unstoppable, led of course by my quarterback, Joe Montana. Walsh and Montana had such an amazing bond that they were almost always on the same page, and they have multiple championships to prove it.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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