Fantasy Football Update: Week 8

I am also not the QB you are looking for. - Hannah Foslien

And the Bears did return, and stomp to glory once again, in both fantasy (Forte, Marshall, the D/ST) and reality, hitting 5-1 with two "easy" matchups ahead before we get serious against HOU & SF.

Random Thoughts:

Running Backs from These Teams Are Worthless: Call this my personal frustration from what should be obvious back up plays that don't happen, week-too-late performances, and just all around bad running - Arizona, Detroit, Green Bay, Denver, Carolina, and Pittsburgh is threatening to join the team here.

Alas, You Disappoint, and it is Your Fault: Andre Johnson? Hakeem Nicks? Greg Jennings? All top 10 ranked receivers coming into the year. Steve Smith? Dez Bryant? Brandon Lloyd? All ranked top 20. Pierre Garcon? Kenny Britt? Robert Meachem? Michael Crabtree? They were all supposed to be fantasy worthy 3/4 options this year.

The Spiller Saga takes a break this week (my personal crusade of "why don't they see he is their best playmaker"), as in a bye week, I know what to expect from him and will understand if the team doesn't give him 20 touches.

Full Disclosure: The differential between the leagues I am doing well in, and the ones I am not doing well in, isn't closing gap-wise...In other words, I am in spoiler mode in WCG's league and the ESPN Prize league, but have run rampant most of the year in my other three leagues, including the only one with real cash on the line (CBS)...which will console me easily at the end of the season if I win it. I maintain my rosters on my two sucky teams should perform better than they do, and others have told me the same (my opponent in WCG this week commented "how are you 2-5?")...but injuries, and some random "bad" weeks by players have sunk those seasons; it happens. I am 19-16 overall, which isn't great.

Wins Losses Last Week
WCG Yahoo! League 2 5 W
ESPN Prize League 2 5 L
ESPN Family League 5 2 W
NFL Net League 5 2 L
CBS Money League 5 2 W

Yahoo! Pick Em: 60-45 (2nd place)

WCG Pick Em: 65-39 (3rd place)

The Return of the Bye Week: Baltimore (Dr. Joe & Mr. Flacco, Torey Smith, Anquan Boldin, Ray Rice), Buffalo (Steve Smith, C.J. Spiller, Fred Jackson), Houston (D/ST, Matt Schaub, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson, Owen Daniels), and Cincinnati (Andy Dalton, AJ Green, BenJarvus Ellis-Green) are out this week.

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