All-Time Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

OK everyone here we go! It's time to start our All-time mock draft. Before we begin, let me lay out the rules. There will be 25 rounds in this snaking draft. When you have your selection, put it in a comment along with an explanation or description if you so choose. Each team will have 12 hours from the previous pick to make their selection. If for whatever reason, you are unable to make the pick in time, you may email me your top 3-5 picks (see email by clicking my name) and I will make the selection for you when it is time. If you do not email me your turn will be skipped and you can make your selection as soon as you return. Let's all try to be reasonable with the time we take with our picks so we can keep this thing moving. During the draft, I will be updating the picks that everyone makes in the fanpost for that specific round. The number of players to be selected are as follows:

11 Offensive, 11 Defensive, 1 Kicker, 1 Punter, and 1 Head Coach.

You will have some leeway to customize how your team is set up. For example:

You can choose to have either 2 RBs, 2 TEs or 3 WRs in your offense. Also, you can choose to run a 3-4 or a 4-3 defense. Also, for positions like Safety, you may have two players that played Free Safety on your team, but keep in mind that you may be ranked lower, as mentioned below. If a player also had/has a career as a coach, they can only be selected once (eg. one team cannot have Herm Edwards the coach and another have Herm Edwards the player)

After the draft is complete, each player may choose to put up a fanpost analyzing their team and explaining their picks. Additionally, there will be a fanpost for everyone who participated and those who were following along to vote for the best team. Obviously, whoever gets the most votes wins. Keep in mind when selecting your players, you may select players that may not necessarily fit your system (ex: Clay Matthews in a 4-3 Defense), but that may sway some to rank your team lower than others. Also keep in mind, we are not taking into account injuries or off-field issues. If there are any other issues or questions, bring it up in the comments and we'll decide what to do.

In the end, this is about having fun and remembering the GOATs of the game, so let's keep it clean and have a good time.

Here's the link for the Draft Board that I will be updating throughout. It will be put on each fanpost.

Ok so here we go. The first round has begun!

Round 1:

1. power296: Jim Brown, FB- Cleveland Browns

2. boydvv54: Walter Payton, RB-Chicago Bears

3. Wiedmann: Jerry Rice, WR-San Francisco 49ers

4. Alex Mann: Dan Fouts, QB-San Diego Chargers

5. Trey23: Ray Lewis, MLB- Baltimore Ravens

6. Ditka's Stache: Dick Butkus, MLB- Chicago Bears

7. MadDraculianStork5883: Lawrence Taylor, OLB- New York Giants

8. PaleHorse78: John Elway, QB- Broncos

Round 2:

1. PaleHorse78: Bruce Smith, DE- Bills

2. MadDraculianStork5883: Reggie White, DE- Eagles, Packers

3. Ditka's Stache: Anthony Munoz, LT- Bengals

4. Trey23: Tom Brady, QB- Patriots

5. Alex Mann: Kellen Winslow, TE- Chargers

6. Wiedmann: Barry Sanders, RB- Lions

7. boydvv54: Joe Montana, QB- 49ers

8. power296: Don Hutson, WR- Packers

Round 3:

1. power296: Emmitt Smith, RB- Cowboys

2. boydvv54: Deacon Jones, DE- Rams

3. Wiedmann: Joe Greene, DT- Steelers

4. Alex Mann: Jack Youngblood, DE- Rams

5. Trey23: Julius Peppers, DE- Panthers, Bears

6. Ditka's Stache: Alan Page, DL- Vikings

7. MadDraculianStork5883: Ronnie Lott, FS- 49ers

8. PaleHorse78:

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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