Bears Offensive Player Report vs. San Francisco

The Bears were exposed in this matchup versus a great NFC opponent, San Francisco 49ers. The major weakness of the Bears is their offensive line. Jamarcus Webb and Gabe Carimi are just not developing or showing any signs that they can slow down pass rushers. Against teams with great pass rushers, the Bears QB’s, coaches, and offense has no chance because Webb and Carimi cannot slow them down. They simply are not capable. Defensively, Kaepernick, backup QB for the 49ers had a breakout game. Kaepernick made few mistakes and the 49ers offense was able to get a steady rhythm. Also, the 49ers defense was everywhere and they were punishing the Bears. Brandon Marshall was double covered all night. Forte was able to be slightly effective, but not enough to carry his team. Again, the theme here is that the Bears haven’t got two tackles that are capable of playing the position. Below is my OFFENSIVE player breakdown of Monday Night Football game versus the San Francisco 49ers. Defensive breakdown is coming soon.



QB Jason Campbell: 14/22, 107 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT.

Campbell came into the game with 74 wins as starter.He got sacked early and often. Got sacked on 3rd&2 by Jamarcus Webb’s guy. Jason had no time and threw an interception in the 2nd quarter. If you just watched the game and didn’t replay some of this sacks, you would assume Campbell didn’t have a good game. But the problem was he didn’t have much of an opportunity. After getting banged up, he had a good scramble run for first down in the 3rd quarter. He was also able to complete a good screen pass to RB Michael Bush on that same drive, but a holding penalty stalled that drive. At one point late in the 3rd quarter, Cambell was 1/5 on 3rd downs. However, thanks to a CRAZY, HORRENDOUS "illegal push in the back" penalty by San Francisco, Campbell was able to throw a touchdown pass to Marshall (in 3rd qtr). The crazy penalty was called after the Bears QB scrambled away from pressure, but suffered a sack/fumble that went out of bounds. Should’ve been 4th down and the Bears would’ve punted from midfield. But thanks to the bad call by the ref, Bears got new life. Campbell basically threw up a jump ball to Marshall. Later, Campbell threw his second interception.

RB Matt Forte: 21 carries, 63 yards, 0 TD, Longest rush 8 yards. 3 catches, 4 yards

The Bears really pounded the run game early with Forte. He was getting positive yards. You could tell Coach Tice and Smith made Forte the emphasis early with their starting QB out. The first 8 offensive plays for the Bears went 6-2 rush- pass Forte had some big runs that extended drives, especially one big rush for a 1st down on 3rd & 1. Again, the offensive line made the Bears one-dimensional. They could not pass, because of the tackles not being able to block. This had a great effect on the run game. The 49ers defense is one of the best at stopping the run and when you can’t pass, it’s harder to run.

WR Alshon Jeffery: 2 catches, 15 yards

Alshon made a nice catch in the 1st quarter. But other than that, the offensive line did not give the QB anytime to drop back and pass. It is nice to see him back in his first game since suffering a broken hand.

WR Brandon Marshall: 2 catches, 21 yards, 1 TD. Longest reception was 13 yards.

Brandon Marshall got what every team is going to do to him, which is double him all night. 49ers’ secondary is one of the best in the league. Campbell had no time to throw the ball, except for this late 3rd quarter scramble. Campbell just threw the ball up in the air for Marshall, who was one on one (for probably the only time all night) with a 49ers cornerback. Marshall leaped up and made the "jump ball" catch over the defender. Marshall battled all night, but seemed to get frustrated with the lack of Bears production. There was even a sideline incident that Marshall seemed to have lost his patience. Can’t blame him, just hope Brandon keeps his head up and going in the right direction. He’s done a great job this season so far with his attitude. This is a game that can bring the worst out of players.

WR, KR, PR Devin Hester: 3 catches, 23 yards, 0 TD, Longest catch 9 yards. Return game was nonexistent

Nothing really stands out about Hester. It was good to see him get some catches. The special teams return game was nonexistent. Give credit to the 49ers players and coaching staff for bottling him up all night long. Hester had 3 punt returns for 0 yards. Hester also had an average of 25 yards per return on kickoffs. No return was longer than 30 yards.

RB Michael Bush: 5 rushes, 9yards. 1 catch, 18 yards

Just like his stats say, there wasn’t much room for him to run. Bush did have a good reception in a screen pass play late in the 3rd quarter.

TE Kellen Davis: 2 catches, 20 yards

The passing game was non-existent. In my opinion, we should still have Greg Olsen. This position will take years to replace. Thank Mike Martz for trading away one of our biggest offensive weapons.


LT Jamarcus Webb: Responsible for at least 3 sacks (and that’s being generous)

Jamarcus Webb proved he cannot block the other team’s best defensive pass rush. Webb was responsible for the 1st, 2nd , and 3rd sacks of the game on Campbell. Throughout this game he proved he can't block. He also got abused on the backside blocking of running plays. If you have DVR, next time Bears QB gets sacked, rewind it and see where the pass rusher came from. Not that I should be giving the other linemen a pass, but Webb appears to be the worst one out there. He does play the left tackle position, which is the most important to protect your QB’s blind side. Well, the starter is already out of the game due to a concussion and the backup QB was pushing himself off the field all night. To continue our Jamarcus Webb bashing, he missed his blocking assignments. Late in the 2nd half, Webb got caught blocking down on a pass play to double on an interior pass rush. Instead he should’ve played one on one with the defensive end, who was clearly coming around the edge. Instead this resulted in just another sack. I’m not done yet. The most maddening part was how often Webb was bull-rushed or driven back into the QB. This was the cause of 2 or 3 sacks. Give credit to the 49ers defensive line, because they proved way too much to handle for the Bears offensive line. Bears need to find a replacement at left tackle if they will find any consistency in passing game. Cutler probably appreciated the whole country seeing what he has to go through on a play-by-play basis.

LG Chilo Rachal:

Chilo was responsible for a crucial holding penalty that brought the Bears back to midfield when the offense was threatening to cut the game to two touchdowns. At the score of 27-7, Bears found a little bit of life. After a scramble by Campbell to get a first down, a screen pass was called back because of Rachal’s holding penalty. The entire left side of the line needs replaced. Rachal came to Chicago at the end of preseason from San Francisco.

RG Lance Louis:

Not much to report here.

RT Carimi: Gave up the sack fumble that was called back for "illegal push in the back" by San Francisco.

Gabe has not shown he is big enough or strong enough to keep defensive ends from pushing him right back into the QB. Gabe was not any more impressive than Jamarcus Webb. The entire second half, Carimi was pushed back into the QB. I know he played left tackle in college, but it doesn’t matter what side this guy plays on because he’s getting bull-rushed right into the QB on multiple occasions. Credit the 49ers defensive line, but the Bears need to address this issue if they want to be NFL elite.

C Robert Garza:

Not much to report here


TE: Evan Rodriguez: 0 catches, 1 Drop

A lot of Chicago fans are calling for Rodriguez to get the start at TE, but in this game he dropped his only opportunity. He hasn’t shown me any signs that he is the answer at TE or that he is ready to start.

1st HALF Drives:

  • Punt, Punt, Int, punt, time ran out

2nd HALF Drives

  • Punt, illegal push in back - TD, INT, safety, turnover on downs, ??
  • Bears worse team in NFL on first downs.
  • 49ers defense is in domination mode.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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