NFL Thoughts Week 12: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Joe Robbins

Check out some of our NFL Thoughts for week 12, and be sure to add a few of your own.

Earlier this week it was reported that the NFL Competition Committee may outlaw the cut block as early as next season. This will hurt the zone blocking teams, as that scheme teaches their backside offensive linemen to cut down defensive linemen.

Part of the latest uproar about the cut block is due to the injury to Houston's Brian Cushing who was viciously cut down back in week 5. That was a blindside cut, and there is no place in football for that. But I'm not for eliminating the cut block all together.

I've coached o-line, and I've always taught the cut block. But always from the front, never from the side or from behind. In my opinion executing a cut block anyway other than from the front is disrespectful to the game. There's just no point, it's dangerous. You cut to slow down a defender, you cut to get a defensive lineman's hands down, you do not cut to maim. I've been around a coach that taught cutting from the side, and it was all I could do to not drop him.

Let's get onto some of my Thoughts...

1) No matter how you spin it, the Detroit Lions were hosed on that 81 yard TD run from Houston's Justin Forsett. And the biggest hoser was their own head coach Jim Schwartz for not knowing the rule. A really asinine rule by the way, but a rule none the less.

2) Carson Palmer vowed to never play in Cincinnati again; He probably should have sat out the 34-10 beat down his Raiders suffered in Cincy. That's three straight wins for the Bengals, and in that time Andy Dalton is 55 of 89 (61.8%) for 639 yards, and 9 TDs to 0 Ints.

3) When you're starting a 3rd string QB, 65 year old Charlie Batch, you better run the ball better than the Steelers did on Sunday. Jonathan Dwyer leading the team in rushing with 9 attempts for 19 yards isn't going to get it done. Eight turnovers didn't help either.

4) Kudos to the two Colts cheerleaders for shaving their heads, Megan and Crystal Ann raised over $22 grand for leukemia research. #Chuckstrong

5) Watching the Jets on Thanksgiving was like watching a train wreck.

6) As impressed as I was with Colin Kaepernick shredding the Bears defense last Monday, I was more impressed with him going into a hostile environment and beating the Saints. This kid can ball. And to those that were calling out Alex Smith for wearing his helmet all game, he was listening to the play calls, and for those questioning his sideline demeanor, who cares.

7) Who you got for rookie of the year, Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck?

8) The Seahawks sure are a different team on the road and If they lose their starting corners to a suspension for Adderall, they'll be a bad team at home too.

9) That was a very interesting outcome on Sunday Night Football. I wonder if the same Packer fans that were quick to write off the Bears after their prime time drubbing, will now write off the Pack for getting smacked around? The NFL is a week to week deal, but the Giants are a team to be wary of in the NFC.

10) The Bears really needed that win after two disappointing loses. What a difference a week makes, the Chicago Bears are back in first place. Jay Cutler looked sharp coming back from the concussion, and the entire offense had a solid rhythm going.

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