Why I hate Jay Cutler (and you should too)

Waaah. I'm sad about stuff! - Eric P. Mull-US PRESSWIRE

A video and photographic breakdown of one of the league's biggest pouty-faced villains.

Last Sunday, ESPN's Tom Jackson criticized Jay Cutler for not saying hello to the stadium employees as he entered Soldier Field. While some may have seen this as an overly harsh and unnecessary critique about "something" that meant nothing, I applaud him for bringing this to our attention.

And yes, Tom, I see it too.

This latest episode in the 'Pouty-Face Chronicles: The Life of an NFL Gunslinger' just goes to show that Jay Cutler thinks he's better than you.

Now some people have stated that Cutler did, in fact, acknowledge one of the workers. I call balderdash. If anything, I would venture to guess that what he actually said was, "Hey, hippie. Tell that Loc Dog look-alike I said f*ck you".

Others might try to argue that Jay was on his mobile phone just prior. If you ask me, this is just another example of Cutler's continued lack of game day preparedness. Jay should have been ready for the meet-and-greet during that brief eight-second window.

And if that was the case, then get off the phone Jay. I bet Cutler is that jack-wagon in the grocery store that spends the whole time in the checkout line on his cell phone, while the bagger struggles to find out if he wants paper or plastic. And then pays for his groceries with a check.

And while this video adds fuel to the fire, my loathing for #6 comes from more than what Jackson points out.


Seriously, has there ever been an NFL quarterback that sulks as much as this guy? One bad play and he morphs into Jaysimodo, the hunchback of Soldier Field.

I'm not even sure what this video is about... but a popped collar, Jay? Really?!?

Since May, Cutler has bullied J'Marcus Webb, treated him like a baby, stomped away from his coach, ripped his most faithful supporters, told them to shut up, and flipped people off for doing their job.

And now... now, we get an 8-second video clip of Jay being a cold-hearted-poopy-pants-jerk-face to a couple of the hundreds (thousands?) of people that work at Soldier Field. On Thanksgiving weekend.

Enough is enough people!

Tom is right, it is something. And Chicago deserves better.

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