The Bears Den: November 29, 2012 - Week 13 News and Notes

Jonathan Daniel

"Hey man, your shoelace is undone."

Stronger than ever, Brandon Marshall learns to live with BPD - With treatment and understanding of his condition, Marshall feels that he has a new lease on life. Now, he wants to help others with his condition get to that same happier place.

Forte might as well be forsaken - David Haugh: MIA RB must become another focal part of the offense if the Bears are going to fulfill Super Bowl dream

Bears game plan: Run over Seahawks - Steve Rosenbloom: The Seahawks have allowed 775 rushing yards in the last five games. That’s a ridiculous average of 155 per contest. So, it should be no contest what the Bears’ game plan is.

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O-line news

Bears not sweating shuffling their OL - Michael C. Wright: Team aren't exactly novices at dealing with attrition up front.

Bears weighing different options up front - Larry Mayer: With injuries and new players in the mix, the Bears are keeping their options open before finalizing their starting OL for Sunday's game against the Seahawks.

Larry and Lovie - In his weekly Q&A with, Lovie Smith discusses the signing of veteran Andre Gurode and the state of the injury-depleted OL.

Bears preparing for further adjustments on OL - Brad Biggs: Carimi sliding over to RG with James Brown and newcomer Andre Gurode trying to get up to speed in case they're needed.

Protecting Cutler at right guard a tall order for Bears - Adam L. Jahns: It's Carimi’s path from first-round pick to IR to starting RT to demoted extra to starting RG that’s come to embody the current state of the Bears’ OL.

With this OL, Bears have steep climb - Mike Mulligan: Constant disruptions make it difficult for a much-needed coherent unit to come together.

Audibles working even with “strangers” up front - Moon Mullin: So far in Mike Tice's system, as evident in Sunday's win over Minnesota, Cutler showed the ability to adjust at the line and it paid huge dividends.

An NFL scout’s take on Bears’ erratic OL - Neil Hayes: How can an offensive line bullied by the 49ers dominate an above-average Vikings front seven six days later?

Reshuffled OL has some promise - Adam Hoge: The Bears' reshuffled OL can't really be worse, but it's also one that will need to keep it simple.

PFF snapshot - Who are the most efficient pass protecting tackles in the league? Well, They're not on the Bears. Now, as for the other end of the scale...

Want to stay ready for the NFL? Try this. - Moon Mullin: Andre Gurode was working out four hours a day while waiting for an NFL gig before the Bears came calling.



Game preview - Seahawks-Bears: Bears hope a barrage of injuries won't derail their path to the postseason.

Seahawks problems may be perfect 'fit' for Bears offense - Moon Mullin: Could the Seahawks' recent problems on defense play into the Bears' strengths on offense?

Know thy enemy - Dan Durkin take a closer look at the Seahawks.

Know thy enemy - Jeff Dickerson: Brandon Marshall looks forward to the challenge of playing against Seattle's big CBs.

Bears passing 'O' looking in wrong direction vs. Seattle - Moon Mullin: Seahawks' secondary were able to shut down Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson, but other receivers stepped up. If they do the same to Marshall, who on the Bears can fill the void?

Bates gets chance to match up vs. Carroll - Michael C. Wright: Seattle's OC in 2010, Bates was fired by the current Seahawks coach over philosophical differences, leaving him out of work for all of 2011. Brad Biggs: Bates learned from year off.

Know thy enemy - Jeff Dickerson: The Seahawks are a different team on the road, where Russell Wilson's rating drops from 122.0 to 75.5.

Injury report - Brad Biggs: Forte practiced Wednesday while Briggs and Tillman were sidelined.


Other Bears news

Do all those interceptions help the Bears win? - Prepare to be shocked and stunned by Maggie Hendricks!

Jay Cutler just wants to win - Fred Mitchell: The Bears' pedestrian overall passing game is not an overwhelming concern. “Eight and three, that’s the only thing I view," Cutler said of the Bears' record.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Cutler's arm strength was on display vs. Vikings: All-22 look at TD pass to Matt Spaeth on the 'Swap Boot' vs. Cover 2.

[Video] Matt Bowen's playbook - Bowen goes whiteboard-happy to break down the impact of Brandon Marshall's size and leverage on the offense this season.

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Q&A on everything from the 49ers, to Lance Louis' future to league MVP front runners.

ProFootballFocus: 32 Teams, 32 Observations - Jay Cutler has seen his average depth of target go from 9.1 over the first half of the season to 6.7 over the second half.

Other things for which Tom Jackson can criticize Jay Cutler - Tim Baffoe: I wish Jackson had gone further. There are so many things to lay the wood to Cutler for that also have absolutely zero impact of field play. Here are just a few.

ESPN Chatwrap - Jurko's Q&A on the Bears.

Dionne Miller's `Happenings at Halas' - November 28: News from the Bears' facility.

It just seems wrong that t-shirts featuring these superfans of a certain team - who were led to glory by a certain legendary coach whose name begins with "D" and ends in "a" and has "itk" in the middle - are available in sizes other than L and XL, doesn't it?


Polish sausage

Matt Bowen's playbook - What is the 'Counter OF?' Using Trent Richardson's TD run vs. Steelers to break down the 2-Back power scheme.

Signs that your team is headed nowhere - Jack Bechta on the losing habits of some NFL teams. Thanks, Jerry.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Chris Burke: Suh fined $30K in wishy-washy decision by NFL.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Jarrett Bell: Suh's explanation on Wednesday seems like baloney.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Kevin Seifert: If Suh's contact was inadvertent, and thus uninitiated by him, there wouldn't be anything to fine him for. If the NFL has a policy of disciplining players whose flailing body parts randomly hit opponents during the course of a collision, then I'm not aware of it.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Titus Young is out of exile, but still working his way back into the Lions’ good graces after deliberately lining up in the wrong spot multiple times in the loss to the Packers. Well, if you will fill your roster will low character players.....

Dane's guest videos: Seattle music week -
"Band of Horses - The Funeral: I saw them open for My Morning Jacket a couple months ago, and is was superb. It's not everyone's thing, but I dig it."

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