The Bears Den: November 09, 2012 - Week 10 News and Notes

Wesley Hitt

The Bears Den: November 09, 2012 - Week 10 News and Notes

Next two games are a watershed for Jay Cutler - Dan McNeil: The next 10 days, with games against the Texans and 49ers, are a watershed for Cutler. It's time for the long-awaited franchise QB to step up and define his Bears career.

Offensive revival could mean Super things for Bears - The defense is Super Bowl-ready. Matt Forte says he has no doubt about that. But the offense? Outside Halas Hall, the Bears RB pauses for several moments. He isn't so sure.

Charles Tillman is a man - An excellent rebuttal of Mike Florio's nonsense. Bobby B. Wheel of SBN's verdict of Florio strongly echoes mine: "He's made a career out of stirring [Edit: dilf], and not even attempting to report news in a measured manner."

Team report - Gabe Carimi and J.J. Watt both were first-round picks out of Wisconsin in 2011. Sunday night they'll square off as members of opposing 7-1 teams that have legitimate Super Bowl aspirations.

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[Video] Kip Lewis & Moon Mullin - Previewing the meeting of 7-1 teams on Sunday.

When Bears run defense meets Texans, something has to give - Brad Biggs: It's the Bears' immovable object vs. the Texans' irresistible force in Arian Foster on Sunday night.

Run defense faces biggest test vs. Texans - Jeff Dickerson: Not only is Arian Foster the NFL's fifth-leading rusher (770 yards and 10 TDs), but the Bears will have to contend with the Texans' zone blocking scheme.

Texans' offense faces stiff test against Bears' D - The Texans, who've lost only one fumble all season, are about to get the ultimate test in holding onto the ball.

Jay faces a tough batter in Texans DE J.J. Watt - Mark Potash: Watt not only has 10 1/2 sacks, 28 tackles for loss and 21 quarterback hits in eight games, but he also has 10 pass deflections, which have led to 4 interceptions.

Matt Bowen on Mully & Hanley - Heading into the Bears matchup against the Texans on Sunday night, one key matchup to watch is J.J. Watt versus Gabe Carimi. Lots of good stuff from Bowen in the [Audio].

Matchup of Elites I: Johnson vs. Tillman - Moon Mullin previews one of the Key matchups in Sunday night's Bears-Texans matchup: Charles Tillman against Houston WR Andre Johnson.

Matchup of Elites II: Joseph vs. Marshall - Moon Mullin previews another one of the Key matchups in Sunday night's Bears-Texans matchup: Brandon Marshall against Houston CB Jonathan Joseph.

Wade Phillips aims to contain Marshall - Brad Biggs: Expect a whole host of coverages against Marshall that will be disguised to confuse Cutler.

Brandon Marshall draws Texans' attention - Gregg Rosenthal: Matt Forte remains the fulcrum for this Bears offense. He'll need to carry the team Sunday because we expect Wade Phillips' gang to effectively limit Marshall's production.

Bears’ offense is bleeding from a dozen paper cuts - Moon Mullin: There is no solution for JJ Watt and the Texans are good enough to dial Brandon Marshall down. This game will be about whether the Bears can run the ball.

Know thy enemy - Dan Pompei: Bears were one of the teams that passed on Whitney Mercilus out of Illinois in the NFL draft, and he's hoping to prove his worth to them on Sunday.

Matt Bowen's playbook - Bears need gap discipline and technique at the point of attack to stop Texans power running game in the red zone.

Durkin’s Playbook - A closer look at Owen Daniels and the Texans' play-action naked bootleg packages in this week’s playbook.

Urlacher has respect for Texans offense - Vaughn McClure: Bootlegs, play-action and overall athleticism mean they have dangerous weapons other than all-purpose RB Arian Foster.

[Video] NFL Total Access - Which is the more complete team: the Bears or the Texans?

Bigger role expected to continue for Hayden - Jeff Dickerson: Even if Tillman plays, Hayden is expected to play a big role vs. the Texans.

Know thy enemy - Maggie Hendricks with what you need to know about the Texans.

[Video] NFL32OT - Mark Schlereth breaks down what the Bears need to improve. Clue: it's the OL.

Four Downs - Will the Texans expose the Bears on Sunday night? Is JJ Watt the Bear's biggest concern? Do they need Tillman to stop Andre Johnson? Is the 2021 D better than the '85 incarnation?

Joniak’s Journal - Andre Johnson feels Sunday night’s showdown with the Bears at Soldier Field, may be the “biggest” game in the decade long history of the franchise.

[Video] NFL Live - Mark Schlereth and Decaf Herm make their picks for Houston-Chicago.

[Video] 'Madden NFL 13' predicts - Week 10: "The Lions look hungry"... I do believe they call that "the munchies". Virtual Bears win 24-17!


Mike Florio is an idiot

Mike Florio wrong for his criticism of Charles Tillman - Charles Tillman's decision to be with his wife for the birth of his fourth child has come with the support of his teammates and coaches, but that doesn't matter to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk.

[Video] Questioning Charles Tillman? Watch this - Kevin Seifert: Tillman's experience reminds us all that parents aren't guaranteed a day with their children, let alone a lifetime. A job means nothing in comparison. Work or usher your child into the world? Hmm. Tough decision.

Florio changes his tune, sort of - But still gripes about players giving "no thought whatsoever to even trying to time the pregnancy so that it would end during the offseason." Face. Palm. Florio's face, my palm.

Teammates understand if Tillman misses Sunday’s game - Adam L. Jahns: Family comes first. It’s what Charles Tillman strongly believes and what coach Lovie Smith has preached for years.

[Video] Bears not concerned about Tillman - Josina Anderson reports on how concerned the Bears are about Charles Tillman being available for Sunday's game. I couldn't actually watch this because it's not authorised for the UK but something tells me the answer is "not concerned".....

Tillman says he'll face Texans - Tweeted out Thursday that his wife will deliver their child on Monday, so he'll be able to play Sunday night.

How's this for a sweet Peanut Tillman t-shirt design? WCGer Sackman, again.


Other Bears news

Tillman, defense leading way for Bears - Star CB has been turning heads everywhere with his play, even at the White House, and so have his teammates on the Bears' defense. Silverman: CB among top MVP candidates.

Despite Tillman's stellar play, losing Peppers would be worse for Bears - Steve Rosenbloom: Everything on the Bears defense starts with Peppers.

Marshall producing at record-breaking level - Larry Mayer: The Bears defense isn't the only aspect of the team that's making history this year. Brandon Marshall appears to be on his way to producing the greatest season ever by a Bears WR.

Tice: No 'Brandon Ratio' but… - Moon Mullin: Mike Tice endorsed a "Randy Ratio" when he was head coach of the Vikings, but isn't revealing whether or not the Bears truly have a "Brandon Ratio" in Chicago.

Brandon Marshall is a wise receiver - Sean Jensen: Draws from experience at QB and at safety for a complete understanding of how to excel at the WR position.

[Video] Matt Bowen's playbook - Matt Bowen takes to the whiteboard to break down Brandon Marshall's first TD against the Titans's cover 2.

Jay Cutler tells Inside the NFL he lavishes linemen with gifts - Sean Jensen: Cris Collinsworth and Phil Simms of Showtime's Inside the NFL show had a terrific interview with Jay Cutler.

Winning makes everything more fun for Bears - Jesse Rogers: The Bears locker room is anything but quiet these days. If Robbie Gould isn't yelling at someone in jest then players are pulling pranks and playing games. Patrick Mannelly says Urlacher and Briggs are the ringleaders.

Dionne Miller's `Happenings at Halas' - November 8: "The star of our defense is our defense." It's arguably the one thing we've heard this season more often than "Peanut Tillman forced a fumble."


Polish sausage

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Kevin Seifert: Here is a development that doesn't make much sense. During a three-game stretch in which Adrian Peterson has rushed for 458 yards, the Vikings' play-action passing game has taken a significant downturn.

Know thy enemy: Lions - Calvin Johnson said he suffered nerve damage from two big hits in a September loss to the Vikings that's made it tough for him to grip the football.

T.J. Shouse's guest video week - "The band was going to be called "Bear#$%ker" but changed it at the last minute."

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