Bears 17, Seahawks 23: The Best of WCG's In-Game Threads


With the team running out of defensive backs, Robbie Gould was working on his Peanut ballpunch, just in case.

Ooof, this one was painful to go through, knowing what was going to happen. So many hopes and dreams just waiting to be crushed. Still, it had to be done, so here we go...

Pregame show chatter.
ed_brown: Satan is on fox right now
C-Razzle: Bradshaw?
ed_brown: MaMaMa........Martz (puts a dollar in the swear jar.)
MidWayMonster54: Only a dollar ?
ed_brown: I am a retiree a dollar is all I have.
MidWayMonster54: As long as its your life savings its kosher .....
ed_brown: it's my food money for the next month.
bassist33: Let's start up the feed Ed Brown fund. Every time Dilfer says something stupid, donate a dollar!
MidWayMonster54: We want him to eat not be in a different tax bracket ...

(Head explodes.)
Kay Paradiso: Just because spongie's not here yet. HEY WE’RE GETTING HOME CALLS FOR ONCE.

Forte didn't get much in his first few carries.
suckmyditka: PAY THE Errrr

Just Dave: I think my cat is farting.

Amen, gents. Amen.
MidWayMonster54: Looks like Forte is still hurtin , may want to try some Bush .....
T.J. Shouse: Never hurts to try
Just Dave: Bush is always nice.

Beast mode germs?
bassist33: Evidently Conte has the flu. Steltz out there last series
badsamaritan: Did Lynch give it to him? Even his germs move fast.


Confirmed, but still random.

Just Dave: My cat is definitely farting.

C-Razzle: Someone give Bennett some Viagra. Take the pressure off.
badsamaritan: Ain't nobody gonna wanna tackle that.
bassist33: Exactly! That’s the edge!!

Martz the Packers!
C-Razzle: Vikes keeping it close. 10-7
T.J. Shouse: Packers driving
Just Dave: Packers punting.
T.J. Shouse: Packers... commercialing

Video or it didn't happen.
Just Dave: Well, I'm off to a ballet recital.
David in Maine: Didn't know you did Ballet?
DaHamsta: Good day to you sir
LightsOutVegas: scream go bears really loudly when you get there

Not my fault you're used to being talked down to like a moron in American commercials!

T.J. Shouse: THe British commercials on my stream are bloody awful.

Chocolate. I'd put my money on it being chocolate.

Kay Paradiso: Oh boy. OH boy. oh boy oh boy.
T.J. Shouse: Did you find a cookie?

Allie: link or didn't happen
DaHamsta: We demand Peppermints for finding this link

Does he ship overseas?
bassist33: Tillman have my babies!!
T.J. Shouse: You giving them away?

And Just Dave wasn't even in the thread at this point, having forsaken us for ballet.

BEARSFAN19: I wanna see more Bush next drive
badsamaritan: This still hasn't gotten old for me.

I'm no expert, but isn't that... erroneous? And by that I don't mean the spelling...

T.Moore: Face full of...BUSH
CurtisEnisFan: (moterboating sound)

DaHamsta: Bush always seems to be going forward
BOBdaBEAR: away from you, no?

It's not Xmas yet!
CurtisEnisFan: What the hell--Forte's vision returned. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE.
Kay Paradiso: Well. Not there. Turned sideways, bounced into a guy. Bam.

I almost didn't go through the overtime thread, thinking it wouldn't be any fun, but I'm glad we got one in there.
75bearsfan: Lack of gap integrity.
ES46NE10: giggity

The exhilaration of JayBrand's epic play to get in FG range was precisely because we desperately needed it, there and then. That's the beauty of sport.
DutchBear: Bears played pretty well against a good football team. You win some, you lose some.

Aaaaand a quick look at a few choice tweets:

- Drew Brees thinks he's so cool. Well I can throw 10 picks.
- Try me, fudge face! I will throw 20 picks!
- More like Who Brees? Seriously, I'm rock hard. #CuttyBonerz
- The baby is crying now. Because he started Drew Brees on his fantasy team.
- I think San Fran should keep Alex Smith as the starter, because I can't spell Kappledick.
- I think Mark Sanchez could be a good quarterback if the Jets could start 16 wide receivers.
- Danny Woodhead is my favorite player behind Tommy Bonertip.
- Seattle fans lead the NFL in nose rings and coffee farts.

- Whenever I see a drop like Bennett's I just think to myself... At least I'm not watching Arizona play the New York Jets.
- 3rd down routes short of the 1st down marker? #LovieDoesIt #TiceDoesIt
- Oh y'all gotta be kiddin' me.
- Anybody in the stands capable of catching a really hard-thrown football???
- We really need someone who can catch out there..... Anybody?! Keep it down, Kellen Davis, I can't hear myself think.

- BREAKING: Alex Smith changes relationship status with the 49ers to, "it's complicated"

- lol i made a bet with @fakedevinhester b4 the season tht i could go a whole year without breakin a tackle so far so good

Will a visit to the Vikings cure our ills? We'll find out on Sunday.

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