Lovie: should I stay or should I go (if we miss playoffs).

This isn't a witch hunt, it's more about the history of Super Bowl winning coaches than Lovie's regular season win total. There has been a long standing trend amongst them that may or may not be surprising to the common football fan. Head coaches realize going into their high-stress jobs, that they have a fixed amount of time to produce results. Results meaning wins, division titles, playoff wins and ultimately SB victories. Lots of times coaches like Andy Reid, Lovie Smith, Gary Kubiak, Norv Turner and Marvin Lewis have generally good success on paper (or to their recent predecessors- Lovie), but have come up short in reaching that ever elusive SB title.

Before you is a list of all the winning SB coaches. My argument is that it becomes increasingly more difficult to win a title the longer a coach's tenure increases with the same team. If a NFL head coach doesn't win the Super Bowl within five seasons, it's improbably he'll ever win one with that particular team.

Here is the very long list of immortalized coaches in NFL history....

Vince Lombardi- the first from our most hated rival to the cheesy north (the only thing I like about him is his Italian heritage :)). I'll go back before his Packers team won the first two ever SBs (66-67). He joined the club in '59 and had a terrible first season going 1-10-1. Second year he led them to the championship game, but ultimately lost on the last play of the game to Giants. He vowed it would never happen again. The next season he led his team to win the title versus those same Giants 37-0. I implemented a little story behind the history of the first SBs, because Lombardi won a title within three years of taking the reigns as coach.

Weeb Ewbank- won the third "World Championship game" versus heavily favored Colts within five years of being hired.

Hank Stramm- won his first AFL title in his third year against the Oilers. Went on to win SBIX, demolishing the Norsemen. Did you know he was the first coach to be miked up?

Don McCafferty- won the SB in his very first season. Enough said here.

Tom Landry- the original Bill Cowher. He didn't win his first SB until his 12th season as coach, but lost two years in row to Lombardi's Packers (66-67). Originator of 4-3 defense.

Don Shula- won his first of two SBs in his third year with Dophins. Lost to Dallas the year prior.

Chuck Noll- won the first of four SBs in his six season as coach.

Tom Flores- won SB in his second season and became first Hispanic SB winning coach.

Bill Walsh- legend of WCO won his first of three SBs in third season. Check out his coaching tree here.

Joe Gibbs- won first of two SBs in his second year. Came from the Air-Coryell tree, but developed a power-running game with his patented counter trey.

Da Ditka- won in his fourth season as Da Coach. '85 Bears could've taken on the almighty that season.

Bill Parcells- the Tuna won his first SB in fourth season as Giant coach. '90 win....Norwood- laces out!

George Seifert- won in his very first season, but inherited a ridiculously great team.

Jimmy Johnson- won his first of two consecutive titles in his fourth season. How about dem Cowboys?!

Barry Switzer- won in his second season, but like Seifert, inherited great team.

Mike Holmgren- captured title in his fifth year. Screw Favre and the Pack!

Mike Shanahan- won in his third year as coach of the Donkeys.

Dick Vermeil- Cinderella story barnstormin' Warner helps him win in his third season as coach.

Brian Billick- the very arrogant coach won in his second season as Ravens coach.

Bill Belichick aka the emperor (hoody)- won in his second year and won three of four.

Jon Gruden- affectionately referred as "Chucky" wins in his first season as Bucs lead man.

Bill Cowher- wins in his eleventy billioneth fourteenth season with the help from his friends...err refs.

Tony Dungy- the silent passive aggressive assassin who reminds me of Michael Stipe wins in his fifth season.

Tom Coughlin- the much-maligned coach won in his fourth year with Gmen.

Mike Tomlin- tough minded leader wins in his second year.

Sean Payton- my favorite to take over for Lovie if they fail, wins in his fourth season.

Mike McCarthy- hated rival wins in his fifth year.

As you can see, only Landry, Noll and Cowher have won Super Bowls outside of five years of their tenure with team. I've been a fan of Lovie, but if he can't take this current team to the playoffs, then I believe it's adios to him in '13. If it hasn't happened by now it probably won't happen with the man from Sandy, TX.

Here's a poll for kicks and giggles to see what the current consensus is amongst us diehards. Thanks for reading!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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