Super Bowl Shuffle: 2012 REMIX

Per ECD's request, I'm taking all "Super Bowl Shuffle"-esque verses in the "Trendy Chicago Bears" thread and trying to combine them into a legit piece. (I might add/edit a couple verses/lines for flow and stuff)

We are the Bears, and we're here to play
You think we give a hoot about this "doomsday?"
Cuz we've got the O, and we've had the D
and don't you ever, ever forget our ST.
We are 53 guys who know what we're doing
We rolled the dice on Tice and Phil's pen-chewing.
Now, this ain't just some more rock 'n' roll
This means we're headed to the Super Bowl!

Hey the name's Forte, and running is mine
Sprinting through the hole 'n' cuttin' on a dime;
I can catch that ball and I'll blow right past 'em
Stay in to block? Heck, no problem!
On my back you'll see a big twenty-two
That's the number of moves you'll see me do
Now, I don't care how well Kahlil ran
Need I say it? PAY-DIS-MAN!

Yo I wear 54 and I play in da middle
Y'all know what that means: I'm no second fiddle.
I’ll call the play, run around, make some hits
Read that quarterback 'n' catch some picks.
Look across the line and stare into my eyes
It’s like lookin' down an abyss at your demise.
I wear pads on my shoulders, no holsters here
But this Lach-ness monster, u don’t go near!

My name is Earl, some say I'm "The Pearl;"
I’m so darn nasty, them corners just hurl.
When I turn and see the "Big Brown Thing"
I'll just go up and do my thing
When Jay's in trouble, he's looking for me
We went to the same college, good ol' Vandy
I catch the ball, so don’t forget
Cause I’m Da Man, now RESPECT (1)


I'm the pouty QB known as J-Sizzle;
I can rocket that ball through a blizzard or a drizzle.
Run for my life and hand it to twenty-two
Throw the ball deep? Yea, I can do that too.
People always doubt me, ‘nd I dunno why,
But u ain't gonna see me get all teary and cry
I’ll do whatever it takes to help the Bears win
…oh, someone tell Martz I said F*** HIM!

And here I am, the Windy City Flyer:
There Ain’t NOBODY gonna take you any Higher.
Don't matter if it’s a punt or a kick,
Movin' it forward is my stick.
All I need is a teeny, tiny seam,
That's when I make ALL the fans scream.
So when you need some yards, in me you can trust;
Just sit back and see me leave ’em in the dust! (2)

Wait a minute Flyer don’t forget about me!
I’m good as gold from here to the trees.

Automatic inside 40, I can hit from fifty-two;
Rain, snow, or ice; my aim's still true.
Numba 9 ain't a kicker you're ever gonna freeze,
The name's Robbie GOULD and I’m puttin’ up threes.
Even in January, I'm immune to the cold;
Which is great, 'cause we goin' to the Su-pah BOWL! (3)


J-Pep in the house and I’m picking up the sacks;
I got the knack for breakin' them quarterbacks.
They try to run, but there’s no where to go,
Because you just can't escape this Chi Town All -Pro.
I stand six foot seven and I bring the pain,
2012 locker room' endin' in Champagne.
So all you o-linemen better not be slow,

And be sure to look out for number 9-0! (4)

The name's Charles Tillman and I play CB;
Don’t you dare throw that ball anywhere near me.
I can play press man, cover my zone,
just don’t run the slant: the Tampa-2’s prone.
I’m known for punchin' balls, it’s what I do best;
Just don’t cover it up and I’ll do the rest.
I can cover anybody, ‘s long as the turf’s good
You got Revis Island? Man, this is Peanut’s Hood.

Well I’m DJ Moore, an’ I wear number Thirty;
I’ll drop a punk QB when he plays frickin' dirty.
I’m hangin' out back here, in the Nickel,
Watch out, else Ima put you in a Pickle.
You may think I’m as quiet as a mouse,
But just watch while I take this baby back to da house.
They like to call me Right Place, Right Time,
Well the place is N' Awlins and the time is nigh! (2)


Credit to:
1-ECD, 2- David in Maine, 3- TheMan1, 4- Lester

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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