Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

Haven't posted in a long time - especially when I had WCG Twitter on my BB! But really enjoy the insights here, some really professional writers and even the amateurs are head and shoulders over any other site around. So I'd like to offer here my two cents as well, pre-combine, FA, and draft and all, and get your reactions - maybe even a gumdrop..... Of course, I could add tidbits here and there to all the fine posts and articles, but I'd like to get it all together in one spot, based on what I see and read here, so lots of stuff might seem familiar and I might not give credit where credit is due, but I hope all is forgiven.......

This past year was a really weird year, and the Biggs article really pointed it out, yet missed something else. Carimi went down in the fourth week, but only got put on injured reserve in the 10th week. Six weeks where a valuable roster spot was wasted. Even then, when finally Ricky Henry and Levi Horn were raised to the roster, neither of them saw the field. I try to keep my language clean, but that's a major WT.......?? I was screaming bloody murder in multiple posts to go raid other teams PS (Justin Boren OG was activated in January to the Ravens) and nothing was done. I mean, the two first rounders on your OL are injured and you bring in Mansfield Wrotto?

This might be a slight point, but when I see that Martz and Angelo both got the boot, I deduct that there were more serious problems inside Halas Hall then we can fathom. I will just mention two more incidents, minor as they might seem, and then get to the point.

Do we all remember REW being brought in, and being anointed ahead of Johnny Knox on the depth chart? Downright unfathomable!! Then there was Caleb Hanie being demoted to third string after Collins in 2010 and behind Enderle in 2011. All this shows that something was stinking bad and it seems like as soon as the season ended, the Head Office decided to remove the stench.

So what's the point? There are major needs and requirements on the agenda, but we tossed out the bathwater, let's not toss out the baby.

1. Martz and Angelo are gone.

2. Last year there were no OTAs and almost no training camp.

3. Carimi and CW went down

3. Cutler went down.

4. Forte went down

All this means that we got to be a little more understanding, and invest where we need the help, and not thin out where we don't. Below are two players that everyone is calling for their heads while I doubt that we will get any better for an equal investment.

First one up is Caleb Hanie. I think that we should keep him - give him another chance. He was good, and with no practice, deliberate play calling to show up his faults (amazing how the play calling changed for McCowen), dropped balls (no one is firing Brady after the Superbowl) it's the best investment you can get.

Marion Barber - was used in some of the worst ways. He's a short yardage power back, and he was used to often as a single back with no deception whatsoever. With all those empty backfield sets, or even one back, he missed his calling. He made two mistakes but hey - look no farther than the Superbowl to see one WR going out of bounds and Bradshaw trying not to score a touchdown.

Get rid ofs - only three players REW, Omiyale and Meriweather. All the rest bring back, at least as a camp body, if not more. It's time to show faith in your team, and that's something we haven't seen over the past two years.

FA - I believe that only once the front office knows what they are interested in drafting, can they deal with FA. The draft needs in the first three rounds are clear in my humble opinion. First round, a WR or CB. Both of those equal the mainstay of real estate "Timing Timing Timing". A tall go-to WR gives the OL the extra time and keeps the LBs and DBs honest. Vice versa, a physical CB taking away the go-to guy, gives our LBs and other DBs the opportunity to stuff the run or wreck havoc in the behind the line of scrimmage. Unless Wooten's being crossed off, don't take a DE in the first round. Second round is either what's left from the first round or a DE. Third round should be whatever's left from the first two rounds or an OG/C or a LB.

Again, I'm giving slack to our tackles, I think with a less complicated playbook, proper offseason, and audibles, we can move forwards. Same goes with our DL and safeties.

Ok, times up, so just going to end with a short prayer for Johnny Knox - wishing him a complete and speedy recovery - sometimes we forget the human side of the game, and looking forwards to all you guys comments.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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