Trading Down in the Draft

Nearly every mock draft I look at has as taking Floyd at 19, and it seems everyone (myself included) would be OK with that draft pick. I also have been seeing increasing mention and support for us drafting Mohammed Sanu from Rutgers, who is also a tall, pass catching machine. Sanu is projected to be a late 1st rounder by a handful of mock drafts, including CBS Sports and

Seeing as there is universal agreement that the Bears have needs in almost ever position, how could a trade down to the bottom of the 1st round impact our other needs? Below the jump I'll throw out some draft pick values and theorize what we could get in return.

According to the draft value chart everyone uses, our 1st round pick has a value of 875. I'm leaving our 2nd round pick be for now, but I'm also looking at the value of our 3rd rounder we got from Carolina (I miss you, Gregg). Draft pick 3.10 is valued at 220. So, those two picks combined put us at 1060 points.

The two mock drafts I referenced above have Sanu going 30th or 31st, so I'm picking 30th to be safe. The 49rs currently hold that pick, which is valued at 620 points. Looking at San Francisco's other picks, which I believe is at or near the 30th pick in each round, their 1st THROUGH 4th round picks add up to 1074 (give or take a point).

One Question: Would you be willing to trade our 1st and one of our 3rds to San Fran if the result was us getting their 1st through 4th, and this assumes we get Sanu with our 1st?

Going a little deeper, let's say we did that. After drafting Sanu, we'd have two 2nds, two 3rds, and two 4ths to go with our 5-7. Our second round picks, with their values in parentheses, would be 2.18 (400) and 2.30 (284). Our 3rds would be 3.17 (185) and 3.30 (124). The top pick in the 2nd round is valued at 580. That means our 2.18 pick and our 3.17 pick could potentially get us the first pick in the 2nd round. If we did that, our picks would look like this:

Round 1.30 -- drafted Sanu

Round 2.1

Round 2.30

Round 3.30

Rounds 4-7 at our original places

Last Question: Assuming I ran into the draft room wearing a unicorn pelt and somehow guaranteed all this would happen, would you guys want Emery to pull the trigger (and hopefully report to the NFL office so it goes through)?

*******PLEASE NOTE******** I don't guarantee 100% accuracy on the numbers above, but they should be within a handful of points. Also, boobs.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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