Why Phil Emery has his work cut out for him.

For many of you that don't know me, my name is Greg, oh no you don't have to clap, oh stop it just stop. So yeah, I am Greg and I have missed talking about the Bears on WCG. Of course I have fulfilled my needs of talking about them somewhere else but I still miss this place when I can't write. But anyways a lot has happened since I decided to take a little break. A new GM has been appointed, a new QB coach has been hired, and a new Off. Line coach has been hired. So I am going to make an article based on what Phil Emery and Co. have to do to become the team that can not only beat the Packers but also get the Bears to the Super Bowl.

First and foremost, Wide Receiver:

A lot of people have been saying that Brandon Marshall should be traded to the Bears. I have also said that before but the Bears would have to give up there two 3rd round picks and possibly someone on our roster. I would be willing to do it unless it concerns anyone on a certain list of mine.

The Bears could trade there two 3rd round picks and Dane Sanzenbacher for Brandon Marshall. That sounds like a solid trade that both the Bears and Dolphins would be up to.

Sign a dominate Defensive End:

There are going to be a number of DEs out in free agency this year. That includes Robert Mathis, Cliff Avril, Calais Campbell, and John Abraham. I would be happy to have all of these guys on the Bears but most of all I want Cliff Avril. He is very aggressive and with Julius Peppers on the other side, these two will be competing with each other to see who can get to the QB first. But there is bad news, the opposing team will have no idea which side they should cover.

Newbie for the left side Cornerback spot:

Again, there will be multiple choices when it comes to the CB position, some could even become the new #1 CB. There is: Brent Grimes, Cortland Finnegan, Brandon Carr, and Terrell Thomas. Finnegan and Grimes would be outstanding to have on the Bears, but the Bears don't have that kind of money to give all of it on one guy. So the Bears can sign Brandon Carr or Terrell Thomas for a lower price and still have a strong #2 that can develop into a strong #1 when "Peanut" begins to decline.

A new Strong Safety:

Overall, Major Wright has done a good job but Wright is a little fragile. The Bears need a sturdy Safety to lean on. There will be a few good safeties in the free agency but the one I am eyeing is Tyvon Branch. The Bears have had problems concerning zone coverage, Branch is a great zone coverage defender. With him out there the Bears shouldn't have to worry as much.

One durable Offensive Lineman:

This has gotta be one of the toughest ones. The Bears have struggled with injuries within the OL. So the Bears have to sign someone that they can rely on. Carl Nicks is a reliable guy and on top of that he is an outstanding player. Ben Grubbs would also be another great option with durability and skill. Only problem, these guys are valuable and will take a lot to be able to sign. But since we have a new GM, he will be looking to fix the immediate problems, which are WR and OL. So he will be willing to give a OL man a big contract that these two will be asking for.

A TE somewhat like Greg Olsen:

Jay Cutler's favorite target was Greg Olsen. Of course everyone knows what happened to him. I was very hopeful that Fred Davis was going to be a free agent but the Redskins will be slapping a franchise tag on him. So that leaves Jermichael Finely and John Carlson. I would love Finely but either the Packers or someone else will be signing him to a pretty big contract. So that leaves 6'5 250lb John Carlson, Carlson reminds me a lot of Greg Olsen. But I also always remember him from that injury from the Bears vs Seahawks game in the Playoffs. Carlson has been injured a lot lately but he is a really good TE and the Bears could possibly sign him cheap since he is a high risk acquisition.

Last, but not least, Draft Wisely:

Everyone knows what I am talking about. Over the past twenty years there has been nothing but terrible draft picks. The Bears have never really drafted a normal NFL player. They all have been either a Brian Urlacher or Cade McNown type of player. So the Bears need to draft a player that will produce and be healthy. Whether that is a WR, OL, ect. the player has to be productive and healthy. So I would say Justin Blackmon or Mark Barron.


Thanks for reading! I'm writing on and now so go over there and read some of the cool articles everyone posts! Remember to answer the pull below and leave a comment.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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