What newcomer, Brandon Marshall, means for the Bears.

The opening day for free agency was a pretty huge day for the Chicago Bears. They had not only traded for star wide receiver, Brandon Marshall, but also signed starter worthy, Jason Campbell, and special teamer/linebacker Blake Costanzo to possibly replace pro bowler, Corey Graham. Overall, the Chicago Bears in just one move became major competitors and are now making the Packers and there very unpleasant fans scream like little girls. So is anyone else as happy as me right now, or is it just me?


Jay Cutler can become an elite QB: Jay Cutler hasn’t been exactly feared mostly because he hasn’t had a strong WR (since Marshall) or a strong offensive line (since the Broncos). Now Cutler will have at least one of those to prosper off of. Cutler is an amazing QB but hasn’t been able to show off those skills due to being criticized by the Broncos fans or getting hit during or after a play. Even then Cutler has shown that he can be the QB to take the Bears to the super bowl. Cutler can obviously become as productive as he was back in Denver because he not only has his old QB coach alongside him but also his old teammate Brandon Marshall who just so happens to be a top ten WR. Jay Cutler has had only one 4,000+ yard season so far in his six years of his career and last year he had shown that he is moving into his prime. So as of now I expect every team to consider Jay Cutler as dangerous as any QB because in my opinion, Jay Cutler is as dangerous as any QB in the league. Just look at his weapons now, all you have to say is Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte. The Bears are in good hands as of right now (as long as Cutler can stay healthy and Marshall can stay out of trouble).

Brandon Marshall could be the “it” factor: As I said before with Marshall, Cutler will become a true elite QB. That alone will make Marshall a very valuable asset. The Bears have never had an elite WR in the entire existences of being in the NFL (which has been 93 years by the way). Even the grrrreat 85’ Bears didn’t have an elite WR (also yes, I was trying add the Tony the tiger catch phrase). The Bears have always tried to get away with low key WRs but now that Marshall is here, the Bears should be very, very hard to stop on offense. Marshall being nearly 6’5 and weighing-in at 230lbs. Marshall is one tough guy to bring down and not many defenses can stop this guy especially with Jay Cutler who he has a special connection with.

Matt Forte will have more room to run: When it came to the Bears offense last year, it was very, very predictable. Run, pass, pass, and punt. That is pretty much the gist of what the Bears had done last year thanks to Mike Martz. The Bears now have a new offensive coordinator, Mike Tice, who has said that he plans on running a more smooth system but I will also add you need to keep Cutler, Forte, and Marshall happy because if any of them are mad or disturbed in anyway the team will be affected. But again back to Forte, with Marshall running routes out there the CB will always be next to him and also both the safeties will always have at least one eye on Marshall. This will be very different for Forte because last year all eyes were on him because he was the only threat on the offense. So now that Forte has more opportunities I can guarantee that Forte will be having more 20+ runs (which he had problems with last season) next season.

Defense will become even more dominate: Last year when Cutler when down with a broken thumb Brian Urlacher came out and had said that they had to step up to help produce more points. But instead of helping put up more points they had actually decreased the amount of point they usually put out from interceptions or safeties and also had allowed more points than before Cutler’s injury. With Marshall on offense the defense won’t feel as pressured and with that the Bears will go back to how they really play, and that is getting turnovers and just playing great all-around defense.

The 2012-2013 season proves it will be a crazy one with a lot of teams improving. With the Bears doing nothing but getting better, I see a lot of success in our future. For the next week I am doing nothing but following sports, which is nothing but football and basketball. So if anyone feels like talking about sports or anything write me on my twitter @fireheadm80 and you can guarantee I will be up to talking about sports. Be sure to comment and answer the poll. Thanks for reading.

Image courtesy of: SackMan

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