Brandon Marshall Vs. MegaTron

Before you begin reading i will just mention this is my first post so don't be too harsh on me.

Ok, we all know BMarshall is an intimidating foe, correct? Well when he's paired with his former teammate and who I refer to as the Cutty Cannon things could get crazy this year. With all the Elite top Tier WR's in the league now does anyone else feel like the old ground pound ways of the NFC North are gone to everyone except the Vikings?

Green Bay

We have Greg Jennings north of the boarder along with one of the most solid over all WR Corps.

But who was their leading back last year and what were his numbers. Honestly they don't even matter not many teams look at GB on their schedule's and think man we've got to watch out for Kuhn or Starks. No they plan how to shut down Aaron Rogers.


Motor city has one of the top 5 WR's (MEGATRON) in the league since he was drafted. He's like throwing to a 2 car Garage just a matter of what side you want to park the pickskin that play.

Last year what were their numbers on the ground? Wouldn't even hurt to hear them because everyone is set on trying to shut down MEGATRON.


Well this is where it gets easy Christian Ponder, and who, Visanthe Shancoe? Bernard Berrian. No you were about AP Arguably the best back in the league. He doesn't put the ball on the ground as much as years past but he will never be the same RB again after a Torn ACL. However Teams will plan around him.


We have a weak OL everyone in the league and i'm pretty sure my 6 month old son could tell they had a weak OL during the first 3 weeks. But behind it was Cutler with his Cutty cannon, IMO One of the strongest arms in the league but no one to throw to except Matt Forte for the majority of the season. However we now have our saviour, who I would like to see called OPTIMUS PRIME. With what we have done to the team this off season i see great things in the season to come.

Forte if he does not hold out will no longer see stacked boxes which leads to bombs to BMarshall.

Davis will finally have a chance to prove himself.

Bennett will not be the only sure handed WR we have.

Optimus Prime will see the occasional Double team when Forte is done Stuffing it up the middle.

We will have a More Diverse attack than anyone in the NFC North and Almost in the league we also have a time tested D.

Which now brings me to my Point MEGATRON VS. OPTIMUS PRIME Who has the bigger year?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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