The Bears Den: March 22, 2012


"...where we're just glad that we're not the Saints."

Video: Bowen: How have transactions affected draft? - Matt Bowen on how the trade for Brandon Marshall and other offseason moves around the NFL have affected the Bears' draft plans.

NFL owners to vote on replay, overtime rules - Instant replay could undergo some changes, even moving the entire process to the replay booth to reduce Ed Hochuli overexposure the waiting time.

Bears taking scaled-back sweep of pro days - Under Phil Emery, the Bears are picking and choosing which pro days to attend and the new GM says pro days are just "5-10 percent of the [draft/undrafted free agent] equation." Lovie, Drake dine with Kendall Wright.

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Playmaker Marshall potential game-changer in NFC North - Theismann: "Now the Bears, to coin a phrase, are loaded for bear." Bennett is eager to team with Marshall. No word on orange shoes.

Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - "Q. Do you think Brandon Marshall is the Bears' Dennis Rodman?" I don't really need to see Marshall in a wedding dress...

Brown ready for comeback if Bears call - Alex Brown drops hint for Phil Emery. An upgrade over Wootten / Davis / the expected high-round draft pick?

Looking for a veteran DB? What about Corey Graham? - Bowen: "Bears' special teams standout can add depth to multiple secondaries." Shhhhh, we wanted him to be our secret.

'11 Bears-Saints game shows NFL contradictions - Moon Mullin points out the case of Roman Harper's performance in that game.

The Limited GM - “I always have two negotiations when trying to sign a player, one with the agent and the other with my owner and the one with the agent is the easiest one.”

Cavallari: Cutler 'So Excited' About Fatherhood - Jay wants not one, not two, not three...

What Mark Anderson does for Buffalo - Greg Gabriel: "What you saw on tape was a different player. ... He showed a variety of pass rush moves and became a more complete player." Did the Patriots developed him after the Bears and Texans couldn't, or will he disappear again for the next 4 seasons?

Atogwe leaves Lions without a deal - Would he be an upgrade over our current starting duo?

Seahawks sign OL Omiyale - "Omiyale was called for 19 false starts during his time with the Bears. He also allowed 20½ sacks." I miss him already, but evidently not as much as Tom Cable.

Or, perhaps, we simply didn't tap into his full potential (warning, NSFW cursing in audio; kudos for the use of physics, though)...

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