Before They Were Bears

I thought it would be fun to dig through my old NFL Draft magazines and see who they predicted the Bears would draft, compare it to who they actually drafted, and what they said about the rookie. The first magazine that I have was published in 2001 by the Sporting News, and needless to say they had a few glaring errors. Next up is the years 2006-2012 all published by Pro Football Weekly.

So with no further ado, lets begin with the Sporting News predictions from the year 2001.

2001 Draft

8th Pick Prediction: Jamal Reynolds, DE, Florida State

Actual Pick: David Terrell, Michigan

What did they said: Terrell is the complete package - size, speed and play-making skills. He lacks the height of Randy Moss but makes all the ordinary plays and most of the great ones. A sure top five pick and probably the best athlete in the draft.

Verdict: Bust

In 2001 there was a RB that I was in love with, and was praying that the Bear drafted, alas it wasn't meant to be. Here is what the Sporting News had to say about my dream back:

One of the most difficult players to evaluate. Was productive in college and had a good Senior Bowl showing against some of the top defenders in the nation, yet he has bust written all over him. He has great speed and has shown decent hands but never has had to be productive inside runner, which scares scouts. Has first round talent but could slide to second round because he's some what unproven.

Who was this runningback with bust written all over him? Click the link to find out...

LaDainian Tomlinson, TCU

Verdict: Would have looked damned good in Navy Blue and Orange!


2006 NFL Draft

26th Pick Prediction: Marcedes Lewis TE, UCLA

Actual Pick: Traded to Buffalo, Picked Daniel Manning in 2nd Round

What they said: Began his career at Nebraska but transferred to ACU early in his career and developed into a playmaker. May need to be baby sat early on, but he is smarter, more athletic and just as fast as Packers 2005 2nd rounder Nick Collins. Similar to Collins and Rashean Mathis, both small school Division I-AA corners, Manning could easily fit into the second round because of his return ability. Might be best at Safety.

Verdict: Manning was a decent, but not great pick, imo. Should have kept our 1st round pick too.

Hey! Wasn't that the year they drafted Devin Hester? It sure was! Here is what they said about him:

A game breaking returner without a position, Hester's primary value will have to come in the return game. Might be able to contribute as a RB/WR if scheme is kept simple. Should have stayed in school and tried to establish himself as a featured back or receiver.

Verdict: Nah, he doesn't need a position...He's doing fine.


2007 NFL Draft

31st Pick Prediction: Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee

Actual Pick: Greg Olsen, TE, UCLA

What they said: A very smooth, athletic mover with growth potential and speed. Olsen could rank with the top receiving TE upon entering the league. Is similar to Todd Heap and Heath Miller in playing style, although he is not near either player at the same stage as a blocker. With added strength and the proper mindset, he could become a complete TE at the pro level. A near perfect fit in a West Coast , lateral, underneath passing offense.

Verdict: We can call this a wasted potential pick right?


2008 NFL Draft

14th Pick Prediction: Chris Williams, OLT, Vanderbilt

Actual Pick: Chris Williams, OLT, Vanderbilt

What they said: A much better pass protector than run blocker, Williams has the athletic ability to start at LT for the next 10 years. However, he can be frustrating to watch in the run game. Technique will need some refinement, but he should be able to step into a starting lineup readily. Stock will ascend as coaches see his raw tools.

Verdict: Well they got the "frustrating to watch" part right. Here's hoping he can still develop into...something.


2009 NFL Draft

18th Pick Prediction: Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland

Actual Pick: traded to Denver.Jarron Gilbert DT San Jose State & Juaquin Iglesias, WR, Oklahoma

What they said: Gilbert: Moved from DE midway through jis junior year and took time getting acclimated to playing more physical. He looks the part and flashes everything scouts desire physically - body length, agility, and strength and power - but too often disappears. The light began to come on midway through his senior season and he finished strong. Impressed with his quickness adn fluid hips in one-on-one drills at the East-West Shrine practices. May warrant interest as a five-technique for a "30" front.

Iglesias: A solid No. 3 slot receiver who has shown he can be more creative than just a possession receiver, Iglesias played in a prolific offense with a very accurate QB and benefited from the system. However, he should be able to contribute from Day 1 like he did in college, run West Cost drags and become a factor that defense must respect underneath. rings additional value as KR. Not as quick or savvy as Ravens 2005 1st rounder Mark Clayton, but he is bigger and better suited to handle the dirty work underneath

Verdict: We got Jay Cutler and a pool jumper.


2010 NFL Draft

Prediction: No pick, traded to Denver

First Pick: 3rd Round: Major Wright, S, Florida

What they said: Played center field for an exceptionally talented Florida defense that covered up his coverage limitations, but he is not athletic or fluid enough to remain at FS and is best utilized as an in-the-box zone defender where palys are in front of him and he is allowed to bang in the box.

Verdict: May be too soon to say, other than he needs to stay healthy.


2011 NFL Draft

29th Pick Prediction: Corey Luiget, DT, Illinois

Actual Pick: Gabe Carimi, OT, Wisconsin

What they said: A big, long limbed leaner who answered the against better competition as a senior against Iowa and Ohio State and asdded and exclamation point at the Senior Bowl. Ably took over for Joe Thomas, filled his frame and could become a functional left tackle in the NFL.

Verdict: Looked pretty good for the few plays he played...


That leaves the 2012 NFL Draft.

Draft Prediction: Peter Kinz, C, Wisconsin

What they are saying: Big, strong and dependable with a likeable personality to keep a huddle loose. Is cut from the traditional Wisconsin cloth and performed consistently in a pro-style offense. Has the size, intelligence and competitiveness to step into an NFL pivot position readily.

That's all folks. Personally, I feel like Emery is going to use the draft to begin replenishing the defense, especially since the offense is pretty young. However, I would have no problem is the continued to rebuild the offensive line.


<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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