So let's get creative about our WR position...

The best receiver on the FA market is undoubtably.......Mike Wallace from the Steelers. "No Cactus, he's restricted you idiot! Damn you for raising our hopes. He's not worth a FA contract and a Number 19# pick! I hate you. No wonder you are crazycacti...," you say? Read on and see how simply it could be with a little imagination and some FA trickery with our own FA agents.

The Steelers have a first round tender on Wallace along with the salary of 2.75 million. So that's the numbers we have to beat.

The very first thing to do is trade our #19 pick to someone who has a late round pick....say the Patriots who also have a stockpile of picks in the first place for sort of creative trades. If Bill Belicheck is feeling really adventurous after losing two Super Bowls to Eli Manning, he may want to get higher in the draft to get a NT or DE who could reach Manning. Enter our #19 pick. We trade down the draft to the bottom for their bottom first, and mid second, and possibly 4th.

Now we have the 31st selection in the draft. Is Wallace worth a bottom first rounder? Are you Kidding?

There's the compensation to Pittsburg....the 31st rounder. Heh. Pittsburg currently is still cash strapped and only 9 million from the ceiling by various cap estimators (SBNation, EPSN, SI, ect...all numbers should be taken with grain of salt.) while we are talking in that range for a free agent WR for Cutler to throw to. Since he's ONLY 25 NO injury history we are talking about the prime of his career. We would be swiping him for Pittsburg for relative peanuts before Pittsburg has been able to divest enough veterans to resign Wallace to a long term extension. We could offer him a 7 year contract that could be front loaded to take advantage of some of our cap space. Furthermore, we can backload a couple contracts for our current FA we want to bring back to free up additional space to put our offer OVER what Pittsburg could offer without cutting some significant players from their roster to try and desperately keep him. Either way, the Steeler organization is still hurting, which means we don't see them in SB.

We could package our second rounders (picks #48 (Patriots) and #50 )to then move UP the draft and snag Stephen Hill. TaDa! We have our receivers of today and the future in one offseason between Hill and Wallace and now have given Jay some big bodies to throw to for years to come.

There still should be some quality #2 receiver products in the second round, while snagging a sure #1 option in Wallace.

The Patriots are just one team that could make this sort of deal. The prime movement on this deal is being able to trade down and snag a second rounder to either move up for Hill, or get some great players as well as Wallace.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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