Excited About the Draft.

The draft is, as you all know, 17 days away, and the anticipation is killing me. But it came to me the other day that this was a different type of anticipation: more purely excited and less nervously excited. after thinking about it for a few days, I finally figured out why.

Its because of the options. Last year we were all waiting nervously with crossed finger to see if Gabe Carimi. Just Carimi. In most years under JA it was always one player, and just one, for one position. It was always a clearly obvious which position we needed to go, and which player we needed/wanted. Not that we had other needs that desperately needed high draft talent, we did: It would have been nice to get a 1fst round talent WR last year, not to mention others. But O-line won out. And it was clear that Carimi, and only Carimi, that had the talent, yet might slide. Thus as much. We were all desperately waiting for just one person: Carimi.

Heading into this year it looked like much the same thing. We clearly needed WR, But more O-line, D-line, LB, or CB would be nice. But WR was the clear one, and Micheal Floyd was who we wanted.

Exit JA; Enter Emery.

Trade for Marshall; WR is now no longer the dominate 1st round need.

Sign Campbell - Backup QB: Check.

Sign Bush - Backup RB/ safety valve if Forte holds out: Check.

Re-sign Tim Jennings + sign Hayden and wilhite - CB is no longer a top level need.

Now, instead of crossing our fingers for Micheal Floyd, we can really go anyway we want.

1 - Floyd - I wasn't to high on Floyd until we traded for Marshall. His small history of injury and off field issues turned me away. Also, I didn't know if he could come in and be a serious number 1, someone who would force Defenses to roll coverages toward him; someone who, by virtue of aforementioned reason, would take D-line me off the field, thus relieving pressure from the O-line. Some one who could really make a difference by himself. Also, I'm not huge on Notre dame products having to be the guy, a la Jimmy Cluasen and Golden Tate. With Marshall, that all changed. I think he would be a awesome number 2; and would give Cutler serious WR corps. If he's there, and we take him, I'll be ecstatic.

2 - D -Line - Now that we have Marshall, we have the ability to Look to the DEF. With Coples, Mercilus, Ingram, and a few others, there are plenty of DE's that , if they fall to us, I'd be happy taking. I'd be ecstatic i we got Coples. fine if we got Mercilus.

3 - LB - Pretty much the same thing. If we got Keuchly I'd be ecstatic. But if he's not there, I don't think there is another LB worth a 1st round pick.

CB - I don't think we'll go this way, We have ok depth, and they aren't valued all that much in our system.

O-Line - I don't think we'll go this way either. I think the only two guys really worth our first pick re Kalil and DeCastro; neither of whom I expect to be their.

So, for the first time in a long time, we have a lot of option. The top three guys I want are Floyd, Coples, or Keuchly. But if they aren't there, we still have some options. Mercilous, Wright, Fleener, and a couple other would be fine, not Great, but not bad.

Also,the way the rounds go is very open. We could do any number of the options below.

1st round/2nd round/3rd round

WR(Floyd? Wright?)/D-line(Curry?)/O-line(I'm not very familiar with O-line prospects)

D-line(Coples? Mercilous?)/ O-line/ WR(McNutt? Toon?

LB(Keuchly?)/ O-line or D-line or WR/ O-line or D-line or WR( depending on what we did in the second.)

And with so many players with first rd talent, that fill a hole; somebody will fall. and I will be good with it.

With so many Options, we don't know who or what direction we'll go with. unlike JA years where it was obvious. All we can do is wait, and with new management who appear to know what they're doing, I think it'll be a great draft.

COME ON APRIL 26!!!!!!

Sorry for the long post. I'm just super excited, all comment/critique are welcome.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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