Six most underrated Bears (current roster)

Hello WCGers, it has been approximately a month since I last posted an article on WCG and that is due to the fact that I have started my own blog! It is called Inside Da Bears on and I write about the Bears. I am hoping to find a few more followers so I decided to come back to place I started off at which is here at WCG. So I hope you all come and follow me by clicking on the link below and also enjoy my final article for WCG.


Jay Cutler:

Jay Cutler could possibly be the most underrated player on the Chicago Bears. Cutler has suffered criticism from his rookie season in Denver to now here in Chicago. Cutler is an amazing QB that will produce a +4,000 yard season if you have a somewhat solid offensive line and at least one WR that is 6’4+ (yes that is a hint). He can work on his accuracy a bit but he is creeping into his prime and Cutler is now beginning to become an elite QB. The only difference between him last year and him now is that he has a WR that he has chemistry with (Brandon Marshall) who entered his prime last year (as told by Marshall himself).

Tyler Clutts:

Tyler Clutts may not be the world’s greatest catcher or a HB by any means but Clutts had done a great job finding a small little hole between linemen and exploiting it for Matt Forte to run through. Tyler “Clutch” (the nickname Matt Forte had come up with) came in with a lot of hopes surrounding him after not having a true FB since 2009 when Jason McKie was around and he delivered.

Earl Bennett:

I am personally a huge fan of Earl Bennett. He runs great routes and has amazing hands. He rarely drops passes and has the ability to stay on his feet after being hit. Bennett has quickly become Cutler’s favorite target mostly because they were on the same team in college and Bennett is the only receiver that runs his routes correctly. Bennett has been over shadowed by not only Devin Hester but also Johnny Knox which has amazed me because Bennett’s abilities are obviously more apparent than both Hester and Knox. Bennett may not be the fastest receiver in the NFL but I would rather have someone that can catch the ball than someone that can’t.

Kellen Davis:

Before the Bears traded Greg Olsen, Kellen Davis was rarely called upon in terms of receptions. Davis is a 6’7 beast and everyone knows Cutler loves size. Davis is really hard to bring down and amazingly for someone so big he is very inconspicuous (click HERE for example) not only in the end zone but also out running deep routes. Davis was a great choice and I am very happy with this guy being the Bears starting TE.

D.J. Moore:

D.J. Moore always impresses me, whether if it’s just another normal play or one of his many interceptions. Moore is severely underrated; he is good at man coverage and great at zone coverage. He plays the nickel great and is possibly one of the top five nickelback’s within the league.

Brian Urlacher:

The Bears have always been known for their dominate defense and with ILBs like Dick Butkus and Mike Singletary that have been on their roster you can bet the Bears were going to go back out there and find another elite ILB. Turns out that heir was Brian Urlacher, Urlacher has dominated so many offenses over the years and he really hasn’t been given credit outside of the Chicago Bears and a couple of sports analyst’s. Urlacher continues to be left out of not only the top five but also the top ten ILBs. Urlacher is, if not the second than, the third best ILB within the league. He is the face of the Chicago Bears franchise and hopefully will be not only a Super Bowl Champion but also a Hall of Famer.

Honorable Mentions:

Armando Allen (HB)

Dane Sanzenbacher (WR)

Chris Williams (LG)

Charles Tillman (CB)

Chris Conte (FS)

Whether they are injury prone, just haven’t been shown the respect they deserve, or are just rookies all five of these guys in the “Honorable Mentions” list deserves a place somewhere in this article. They all are great players and deserve recognition for their hard work they bring every game.

Thank you for reading I really hope everyone decides to come and read my articles. WCG has been an amazing website and I thank them a lot for what they have done for me. I will also continue to come back to WCG and read some your articles and continue to comment. Thanks again and be sure to comment!

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