The Bears Den: April 02, 2012


"...where Ditka... da Bears... Polish sausage....."

Which NFL head coaches are on the hot seat? - Lovie has the third-warmest buttocks in the league. Apparently.

'76 Raiders better than '85 Bears? Odd decision - Moon Mullin cites someone who should know better than most.

USAToday's Bears Team Report - The usual thorough assessment of where the team stands.

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Picking a star at 19? Think again - Then again, the Steelers seem to hit more than not, and they tend to draft even lower.

Ranking the tight end class by tiers - With Kellen Davis unproven as a receiving threat, could the Bears target a TE in the draft?

Dan Pompei's impact rookies - Also rubbishes Dolphins owner Stephen Ross' claim that Brandon Marshall was about to be cut for no return.

Three routes WRs must convert - Who doesn't love it when Matt Bowen talks Ditka dirty Xs and Os?

NFC North free-agency assessment - A summary of teams' moves and needs.

Want a big receiver? This may be the year to get one - In a WR-rich class, Greg Gabriel says good non-giant receivers are available "into the 5th round". Isn't it nice not to have to draft for need?

[Video] 'Adjusting' to the ball? Check out Appalachian State's Brian Quick - I'd forgotten what it was like to watch a receiver go up to get the ball. Normally I'm cursing our DBs for letting him.....

Chicago Tribune: Sam Farmer's mock draft - Doesn't have the Bears taking one of the usual suspects at #19. history: McMichael sparked a remarkable rally - Out of timeouts and seemingly out of hope, Mungo made a huge play to fuel a miraculous comeback win over the Jets in 1991.

Ditka 1: New Orleans Saints penalties too stiff - With all respect to Da Coach, whether or not Sean Payton's an inherently bad guy is irrelevant. On the other hand, admire Da Hair.

Ditka 2: Gridiron Sets Foot in Cricket-Crazy India - Click on this for the photo of Ditka. That hair is magnificent. Magnificent.

Ditka 3: Ditka's Sports Dome is no more - Da hair don't grey so it don't draw attention away from Da 'tache.

Too good to pass up 1 - "In Rob Ryan’s case, it may not be what goes in his mouth but what comes out of it that is holding him back" ...insert Rex Ryan's mouth / feet joke here.

Too good to pass up 2 - "Andy Reid’s reported threat to walk still resonates" ...insert Reid / doesn't do enough walking by the looks of it / I bet it would resonate - BOOM! joke here.

If Da Coach wants to adjust Da Boys on MNF, who's gonna dare stop him?

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