The Bears Den: April 20, 2012


"...where 'Village People Greatest Hits week' could only ever end one way: fabulously!"

Bears sign Hayes to boost LB depth - Joins on one-year contract, adding badly needed experience at the position.

Emery is rooted in Patriot approach - Grading system adapted to changing nature of NFL, importance of roles.

NFL doing players a disservice by expanding Thursday night schedule - Increased chance of injury, reduced quality of play, with less time to recover.

Young man, when you want to peruse / All of your Chicago Bears news / It's fun to go to the W-C-G-Twitfeed!

It's no time to panic about Matt Forte missing workouts - Matt Bowen: "Let's not make this bigger than it needs to be. It's only April."

Bears will be 10-6 or better - Moon Mullin strongly encouraged by offseason moves. Dismisses importance of opponents' win-loss records but then talks about them anyway. Gin?

Putting the 'Black and Blue' in mothballs - The NFC North is clearly transitioning towards a passing division.

PFT's Team needs: Chicago Bears - "For most teams, we identify five specific draft needs. For the Bears, that approach easily could yield the following quintet of necessities: left tackle, left guard, center, right guard, and right tackle." Smartarse >_<

USA TODAY's mock draft 3.0 - Five drafters pick four names over three positions for Bears first-rounder.

Bears draft preview: Wide receivers - At 19, the Bears will have plenty of solid options capable of stepping in as the No. 2 to Marshall immediately. Kendall Wright's stock dropping? Impact linebackers for each day of Draft - If Bears are looking to add a young LB through the draft, here are some to consider.

Draft is stocked with talented O-linemen - Mayer can finally stop adding "...none of which our super GM Jerry Angelo will ever draft, in favour of the usual 7th-round and undrafted free agent scrubs" in his draft previews.

NFL draft preview: Defensive tackles - As many as six tackles are first-round considerations. Somewhere, Jerry's palms are itching to prove the experts wrong with that small school prospect...

Mike Adams tested positive for pot at Combine - Immediately smokes shoots up Lions' draft board.

Top small-school prospects - aka. what would've been the nucleus of Jerry's draft board.

Breaking down Fleener's red zone impact - Matt Bowen gets chalkboard-happy. draft buzz - A gold mine for draftniks. Lions to take CB, given that Rodgers and Cutler are in the division? I highlighted one the other day who would fit their needs perfectly (he was kicked out of his first school program for dope)...

Best late-round NFL Draft steals since merger - All salute the Colonel! That sounds like some kind of euphenism, doesn't it?

‘The playmaker’ schools Blackmon - Would Michael Irvin like to come coach our WRs? Hang on, we already have Darryl Drake for that...

PFF: Gap Control: Interior Defense, 2011 - Bears in bottom 5 for A-gap defense. Who was it who kept telling me over and over how great the Bears's pass-rushing DTs were at gap penetration and disrupting rushing plays so we didn't need a run-stuffer?

Know thy enemy: Lions GM: Marijuana no longer dealbreaker in NFL - I'm not just making fun of them for the sake of it!

Know thy enemy: Lions have made 'very significant' offers to Cliff Avril - But no deal yet for DE. "Should the Bears trade for Avril in spite of having nowhere near the salary cap space for what he wants?" fanposts to start in 3, 2, 1...

Know thy enemy: Vikings choosing between 3 with third pick - Or possibly fishing for offers.

10 things to know about thy enemy's stadium situation - 11. It's pretty messy.

Oh, you knew it was coming. And you'll enjoy it!

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