Titanium Analysis of the Prospects the Bears have shown interest.

Let me first start by saying this is a collection of prospects the Bears have either invited to a private workout or sent numerous scouts along with at least one position coach to the individuals Pro Day.

Offensive Lineman

Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Adam Gettis(G) Iowa-6'2 293 (40-5.00)(bench- x)(vert- 31.5)(shuttle- 4.65)(3cone- 7.99)(broad- 9'4) 7th-undrafted

Ronald Leary(G/OT) Memphis-6'3 315 (40-5.36)(bench- 30)(vert- 29) (shuttle-4.91)(3cone- 7.87)(broad- 8'8) 5th-6th

Kelechi Osemele(G/T) Iowa St-6'6 347 (40-5.36)(bench- 32)(vert- 26.5)(shuttle- 4.87)(3cone-7.91)(broad- 8'8) 2nd

Donald Stephenson(T)Oklahoma6'6 312(40-4.94)(bench-19)(vert-35.5)(shuttle-4.94)(3cone-7.52)(broad-9'6)5th-6th

Kevin Zeitler(G) Wisconsin-6'4 314 (40-5.39)(bench-32)(vert-29) (shuttle-4.61) (3cone-7.77)(broad-8'5) 3rd

Stephen Good(G) Oklahoma-6'5 310 (40-5.0)(bench-34)(vert-30)(broad-9"4) non-invite

Jason Slowey(T) Western Oregon-6'2 304 (40-4.96)(bench-38)(shuttle-4.64)(braod-9'2) non-invite

Dennis Kelly(T) Purdue-6'8 321 (40-5.33)(bench-30)(vert-27)(shuttle-4.91)(3cone- 7.73)(broad-8'8) non-invite

Scott Wedige(C) NIU-6'4 299 (40-5.14)(bench-24) non-invite

Assessment: That non-invite is just confirmation that they werent invited to the combine so dont be surprised if they snuck in the 7th or were undrafted free agents. It seems to me that our front office has more concern with the offensive guard position for the future rather than the Tackle position for the present. I would assume that Emery is giving Lovie and Tice the benefit of the doubt in regards to Tice's ability to bring out the best in tackles. That is not a comment in reference to Webb but a look at these late round tackles on this list. Last but not least they didnt bring in not one considered first round tackle so i would think that isnt in the game plan.

Wide Receiver

Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Micheal Floyd 6'3 224 Notre Dame (40-4.47)(bench- 16)(vert- 36.5)(broad-10'2) 1st

Stephen Hill 6'5 206 Georgia Tech (40-4.36)(bench-14)(vert-39.5)(shuttle-4.48)(3cone-6.88)(broad-11'1) 1st

Kendall Wright 5'10 196 (bench-4.41)(vert- 38.5)(shuttle- 4.18)(3cone-6.93)(broad- 10'1) 1st

Alshon Jefferey 6'4 229 (40-4.48)(vert-36.5)(broad-10'2) 1st or 2nd

Assessment: I think we all can agree that if Floyd falls to us we definitely wont have a problem with the pick up. What would be a good debate is if he fell to us and we took someone else instead of him would we be mad. If you look at all four of these receivers they have something in common. They are all projected to go in the first round. That tells me alot that we showed no special interest in no later round receivers. Some of you make the point of going after the best player available. Well if we dont get a receiver in the 1st round and we even draft a receiver thats exactly what may happen in the later rounds. But, Phil doesnt seem like a leave it to chance type of guy. So if our guy doesnt fall to us in the first then i wouldnt be surprised if we didnt address the situation at all in the draft. Look at our situation at receiver, we brought in a number one guy, we have a slot, and we have a couple possibilities at number 2. Do yall actually beleive that Wright would come in and be that much better, if better at all then Hester at the number 2 spot. I would like to see what would happen if bennett got moved to the 2 and Hester played Slot. Im assuming also that until proven wrong they have higher hopes for Kellen Davis this year as well. Cutler and Marshall together Again. With that being said our number 2 guy might not even see the ball if it isnt a guy like Floyd. Hill is a beautiful Project that may turn out to be a stud. But that may only be a trigger that gets pulled if everybody else on our first round list is off the radar. Jeffrey i think will turn out to be a better receiver than Hill and Wright. But he has personal issues throwing up red flags. They Brough him in for a reason though. I think it was to see do we like this guy better than Hill. Jeffreys upside could turn out to be better than any receiver in the draft. Last but not the shortest is Wright. I wouldnt be mad at the pick but if it were me i wouldnt make it. Wright is not Santana Moss, nor Steve Smith. Those guys were burners. When you are that short you are suppose to be a burner. I dont wanna hear about the numbers he put up because i think all the 5'10 receivers under 4.5 40's in the draft wouldve done the same thing in Baylor's offense. We do not run a spread offense, so its not like he will be our Wes Welker. I dont care how tough he is nor how much heart he has. Its plenty of people in the stands with heart. He has never faced press. His bench is horrible so its not like he can arm fight at the line. He's dropped some easy balls too, so his hands arent that better than the next mans. And personally we have multiple Wright-like players on our team so we dont need a new one.

Defensive End

Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Melvin Inram 6'2 276 South Carolina (40-4.66)(bench- 28)(vert- 34.5)(shuttle- 4.18)(3cone- 6.83)(broad- 9'1) 1st

Vinny Curry 6'4 263 Marshall (40-4.69)(vert-32)(shuttle-4.40)(3cone- 6.90)(broad- 9'2) 2nd

Chandler Jones 6'5 263 Syracuse (40-4.87)(bench- 22)(vert- 35)(shuttle- 4.38)(3cone- 7.07)(broad- 10') 2nd

Whitney Mercilus 6'4 265 Illinois (40-4.63)(bench- 27)(vert- 32)(shuttle- 4.53)(3cone- 7.17)(broad- 9'10) 1st

Nick Perry 6'3 250 USC (40-4.50)(bench- 35)(vert- 38.5)(shuttle- 4.66)(s3cone- 7.25)(broad- 10'4) 1st

Bruce Irvin 6'3 245 West Virginia (40-4.43)(bench- 23)(vert- 33.5)(shuttle- 4.03)(3cone- 7.25)(broad- 10'4) 2nd

Tim Fugger 6'3 248 Vanderbilt (40-4.60)(bench- 29)(vert- 34)(shuttle- 4.60)(broad- 9'7) non-invite

Assessment: I actually like some of the smaller guys better than the bigger guys. Peppers has spoiled us. Everybody looking at coples and hoping for another Peppers. Its just not gonna happen. And if you take a look at the past and the ends we have now, thats not how Lovie intended. Lovie intended to have smaller Mark Anderson, Alex Brown types. Peppers is a Freak of nature and Idonje is a Freak of work ethic. He was drafted to play defensive tackle. He ended up being a workout freak and got in really good shape. He was killing opposing teams on special teams so he got the opportunity to play end. He ended up holding his own, and nobody else out produced him. So i think Lovie wants to get back to the smaller get after the quarterback guy. Im warming up to the idea of two of these guys but im assuming the Bears brought in Ingram and Mercilus to see that if these guys fell to us do we wanna pass them up. The one guy that i think doesnt belong on this list in regards to speed it Chandler Jones. But he is getting comparisons to piere-paul so its worth a look. As you see almost all these guys are top two rounds. So if we dont pull trigger in the first we definitely will in the second. As far as Fugger goes, i expect him to be 7th rounder or undrafted free agent. As you all know the guy i wanna see is Bruce Irvin, which we might have to trade up in the second for. But if we go defensive end in the first then i Like Nick Perry over Whitney. Perry is faster stronger, and more explosive. Regardless i think this is one list where some are gonna be happy and some arent. Whoever we get i just hope they show up to get after the quarterback.

Defensive Back

Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Trumaine Johnson 6'3 210 Montana (40-4.61)(bench- 19)(vert- 35.5)(shuttle- 4.15)(3cone- 7.20)(broad- 10'2) 3rd

Brandon Hardin 6'2 220 Oregon St. (40-4.38)(bench- 24) non-invite (3-5)

Ron Brooks 5'11 178 LSU (40-4.37)(bench- 12)(vert- 38)(broad-10'0) 6th-7th

Casey Heyward 5-11 188 Vanderbilt (40-4.37)(bench- 19)(vert- 34)(shuttle- 3.90)(3cone- 6.76)(broad- 9'11) 3rd

Keith Tandy 5-10 197 West Virginia (40-4.51)(bench- 16)(vert- 35)(broad- 10'0) non-invite

Assessment: This may be the hardest assessment because i dont have the required film. I think having a blazer at our corner position is a luxary and not a necessity. I would have to assume since we are looking at these guys that they have above average awareness and stout against the run. I also would have to say it is not need for us to draft a corner in he top two rounds. But we better be getting some pass rush. It would not be a surprise to me if we drafted a corner before we took an offensive tackle.


Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Dont'a Hightower 6'2 265 Alabama (40-4.62)(vert- 33)(broad- 9'9) 1st

Audie Cole 6'4 239 NC State (40-4.62)(bench- 15)(vert- 35)(shuttle- 4.29)(3cone- 6.96)(broad- 9'6) 6th-7th

Zack Brown 6'2 230 North Carolina (40-4.48)(vert-33.5)(broad-9'8) 1st or 2nd

Keenan Robinson 6'3 242 Texas (40-4.70)bench- 27)(vert- 35.5) 5th

Pat Schiller 6-1 234 NIU (40-4.68)(vert- 35)(shuttle- 4.20)(3cone- 6.96)(broad- 9'7) non-invite

Assessment: Let me just say that if the Bears dont mind moving up a little in the second and Floyd isnt there at 19 Hightower would be a steal. Im not sure if i agree with Keenan not being picked before the 5th but if he is there for us and we havent picked up Hightower or even Brown in the 1st or second then you can expect Keenan to be a Bear.

Tight End

Name 40yd -Bench -vertical -shuttle -3cone -broad -rnd projection

Micheal Egnew 6'6 245 Missouri (40-4.62)(bench- 21)(vert- 37.5)(shuttle- 4.05)(3cone- 6.73)(broad- 9'9) 3rd

James Hanna 6'3 252 Oklahoma (40-4.49)(bench- 24)(vert- 36)(shuttle- 4.11)( 3cone-6.76)(broad- 10'2) 6th

Evan Rodriguez 6'2 244 Temple (40-4.58)(bench- 19)(vert- 36) non-invite

Assessment: I think the 3rd round is too high to go after tightend this year if it isnt the best guy. We actually have a roster full of young tight ends who didnt fit in Martz system so they may turn out to be something on the depth chart. It seems as if the Bears will give Davis a chance to be the guy and if he isnt expect to see tight end higher on our priority list. Also, Rodriguez i think is being looked at to back up Clutts. He was the H-back at temple. He blocked out of the backfield and also ligned up at tight end.

Overall Assessment: If you notice there are defensive tackles on this list. I think there will be a round where our projected pick will not be there and we get the bes available defensive tackle that fits our system. The more i look at my own assessment I think if Floyd isnt there at 19, and the Bears werent impressed with Alshon we may not draft any receivers. So dont be surprised to see linebacker in the 1st, and defensive end in the 2nd. Remember, this is just an assessment of the people i know the Bears have shown extra interest in.

Im ready to hear what you think.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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