Phil's the man! And yes, he does have a plan

My wife told me I had the strangest looks on my face when the draft was finished. She told me that after every Bears selection, I would cringe slash smile all at the same time. Im guessing she was spot on considering that every pick the Bears made were a huge surprise to me. And even to this day I am still feeling a bit odd if you know what I mean. But given some time to settle and investigate our selections, I feel really good about who the Bears added in this years draft.

1. Phil obviously had a really well established plan that he obviously followed. He went the "most athletic" route with his selections. After giving thought into every player, I now understand why he chose who he did.

-Shea McClellin- With a little bit of added muscle and good coaching, Shea looks like he could be an absolute beast. As one of the faster Defensive Ends, He looks to be a beast in the near future. I love this pick (now)

-Alshon Jeffery- Not too much to say here. In my opinon Phil saw what I saw. A possible top tier Wide Reciever who slipped far enough that we couldnt pass up on. I love this pick as well and I loved it from the time of the selection.

-Brandon Hardin- Im guessing this was one of those times that my face was looking pretty odd after the selection. But now I have watched a lot of tape and highlights and this pick makes complete sense to me. Hardin is a big fast animal on the field and Im not sure Ive ever seen a big guy like him move the way he does. If he does stay healthy, I see him and Conte as our future safeties. Love this pick (now)

-Evan Rodriguez- This was probably the point where even my wife questioned why she married me. I was so dumbfounded by this pick initially and I didnt understand it what so ever. Now, i still question it a little bit but I do see some toughness to this guy that our Offense could benefit from. I like this pick (now)

-Isaiah Frey- Didnt know who he was initially but now after watching his highlights, I love this pick. The "Frey Train" seems to be a solid cover corner who can read plays really well and seems to have a knack for the ball. I hope he will get an ample oppurtunity for a starter role down the stretch. Love this pick

-Greg McCoy- Solid special teams pick up that I really dont have too much opinon on. Hopefully he will contribute in some way and Im sure he will.

All in all, Phil had a plan and I really like the way he went in this years draft. He went out and got a lot of physically gifted players who have the potential to make a difference on the team. Here's hoping to a Super Bowl Victory!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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