The Bears Den: April 05, 2012


"...where we've only just noticed the hilarious comment about the March 28th Den tagline on the WCG twitter."

Bears chances of going WR at No. 19 keep shrinking - Moon Mullin: "(Bears pick) in what is generally the draft’s dead zone for wide receivers". Floyd out of reach?

Bears signal Amobi Okoye on his way out - Free agent DT drawing interest from Bengals, Buccaneers, Broncos & Patriots. Emery on Carimi, Knox.

Reader Q&A: Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Will Cutler force balls to Marshall the way he did to Greg Olsen in his first season with the Bears?

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Bears preseason schedule - Think Denverites will come here to gloat about, essentially, swapping Cutler and Marshall for Orton, Hanie, and some draft busts?

Breaking down the 'Cover 2' safety - Matt Bowen dissects two routes safety prospects must defend in the deep half.

Bears receivers coach enthusiastic about Brandon Marshall's potential - Marshall already asking for coaching help. Drake also high on potential of Devin Thomas.

Veteran OG Etic Steinbach on Bears' radar - Although, if he refused to take a pay cut from $6M to stay with the Browns and we're tight against the salary cap, it would take some work to free up enough cap to sign him.

Rosendoom being uncharacteristically rosy - "It might seem excessive to praise (Emery) for simple improvement, but these concepts were nuclear physics to the last GM and the current coach."

Notre Dame prospects hungry for shot with Bears - Would Bears consider safety Harrison Smith in the 2nd round?

Draft team needs: Chicago Bears - Pete Prisco's unit-by-unit analysis sees problems on Chicago's aging defense.

[Video] State of the Bears - Charles Davis thinks Bears will go offense with first pick. Bucky Brooks' top 50 prospects - Who's worthy of being picked where?

Luke Kuechly, by far, tops ILB class - "...the best coverage linebacker to come into the NFL in many years"; if he's still available will the Bears be tempted, as per WCG's own mock draft?

Mel Kiper Jr. two-round mock 4.0 - Has Bears going hotly debated DE and less-touted WR. Conversely, ESPN NFL Blog Network mock draft has Bears taking OT.

Know thy enemy 1: Vikings add another value CB in Chris Carr; plan to upgrade through draft.

Know thy enemy 2: PFF's Draft Grader: Minnesota Vikings - Grading the 2008-2010 draft classes. Fairly middle of the road, which has reflected their performance down the stretch. I'm not looking forward to Angelo's grades.

Laugh at thy enemy: Lions looked past character concerns in last year’s draft - You made your bed, you better lie in it.

The public gets what the public wants...

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