Time to Hold Court, Gentlemen (O.P. Mr.Titanium)

(Original Post by Mr.Titanium) (So there's no confusion I am NOT a lawyer, nor do I defend Mr. Webb as a client, this is meant purely as entertainment and for those purposes only. This is NOT meant to be taken literally, I am only stating my case for Mr Webb, as I think he is a good player who has a lot of potential. Thanks. Enjoy)
Time To Hold Court Gentlemen. My client J'marcus Webb, has hired me to defend him against you haters.

My Cient has informed me that has been gettin ragged on this site. He doesnt feel youve given him an opportunity to prove his worth. So he has asked me to help convince you of his worth and his potential that he feels will be on display this upcoming season. Please remember that J’marcus will be going into his third year. He has only started one year. And year he started, which was las year there was no off season. He was into an offense known for its comlexity,lack of protection, and lack of line adjustments. Might I also add that with no offseason he was asked to learn 37 pass protection schemes on the fly. With all that being said may i also remind you that Mr. Webb is just 23 years old, about the same age of his peers in this years draft class.

Lets start with with a litte history on J’marcus Webb.

He graduate highschool as a Parade All-American. His freshmen year he started 12 games as long horn. Now those of you that would say he couldnt cut it would be completely wrong. His problem was not on the field. My client was too busy chasing girls and downin kegs provided by his peers to hit the books like he was suppose to. Because of Mr. Webbs beleif in his ability, and also his impatience. He decided to drop down as instructed by his counselor, to a Juco so that he could remain playing football. Playing one year in Juco he started all games and became a Juco All-American. After making improvement on his grades he decided to move back up and attend West Texas A&M. It is from there Mr. Webb decided to enter his name into the draft.

My client has also taken offense to compliments given to this years offensive tackle draft class. Need i remind you that J’marcus Webb is 6’8 335. No one individual in this years tackle class is bigger. You might have a couple that have eaten more burgers, but no bigger.

Now lets take a look at what situation my client Mr. Webb was brough into as a rookie.

I will display how many sacks were allowed by a martz coached team, and if any of these lines started a pro bowler or all pro team player. (the players name doesnt indicate that he was a pro bowler or all pro that year, it just indicates he started, and he was that caliber of a player)

1999-33 sacks-won superbowl- orlando pace, adam timmerman
2000-44 sacks-orlando pace, adam timmerman
2001-40 sacks-orlando pace, adam timmerman
2002-46 sacks-orlando pace, adam timmerman
2003-50 sacks-orlando pace, adam timmerman
2004-50 sacks-orlando pace

2006 (detroit lions)-63 sacks

2008 (49ers)-55 sacks- Joe Staley

2010 (bears)-56
2011 (bears)-49

One small thing to look at is even with the same line with the rams, as every year went defenders got better and i would also assume Martz added more plays. With that being said, every year that went by the rams allowed more sacks. But just in one year the bears actually declined in sacks. Now yes they still gave up too many, but that shows something was done to make improvements on pass protection.

Now since we are so high on the idea of taking a tackle in this years draft i thought i would compare Mr. Webbs information with the top 5 tackles in the class. I have him ranked second, where would you rank him? Let me also give you this food for thought. Do you really think we are going to draft an offensive tackle for the third year in a row in the 1st round.

Age Player 40 Bench vertical 3cone shuttle broad
(23)matt khalil-6’7-306 4.99 30 27 7.33 4.65 x
(23)riley reiff-6’6-313 5.23 23 26.5 7.87 4.75 8’2
(x) martin-6’5-312 5.3 20 x x x x
(x)M. Adams-6’7-323 5.4 19 28.5 7.94 4.95 8’4
(22)C glenn-6’6-345 5.15 31 23.5 8.13 5.0 7’9
(23)J. Webb-6’8-335 5.14 20 26 7.82 4.80 8’5

-I couldnt find any combine results on Johnathan Martin, but i did find some pro day results. They say his pro day was horrible. Only one negative stands out on Webbs numbers and thats his 20 reps. Well let me start out by saying how many times you rep 225 is not as important as how fast you move each rep. What i speak of is plyometric power. Fore any body builder can rep out a high number of reps but can they extend those arms out explosively towards the defender. Mike Tice personally worked Webb out at his pro day. This is the same Tice who coached up Pro Bowler Bryant Mckinnie from his rookie year. And from what i hear Tice was really impressed with Webbs ability to extend and explode his arms into the defender.

J’Marcus Webb broke Mike Tice’s tooth, now will play for him

Posted by Mike Florio on April 24, 2010, 7:25 PM EDT

Chicago Bears seventh-round draft pick J’Marcus Webb, an offensive tackle from West Texas A&M, has already made an impression on his position coach, Mike Tice.
During a private workout last month, Tice was holding a blocking pad and Webb hit Tice so hard that he chipped the coach’s tooth. Tice told the team’s web site that Webb had the best punch of the five prospects he personally worked out.
At 6-foot-8 and 335 pounds, Webb has the size to play in the NFL, and he showed as a freshman at Texas that he can play with the big boys, although he decided after his freshman year to transfer to West Texas A&M for what he described as personal reasons.
"I’m ready to play, no doubt about that," Webb said. "I don’t feel like there’s anybody that can get in my way. I’m ready to play on this level, on any level."


(That comment was the start of what some would call arrogance, thats what he is suppose to say if and if there is an o-lineman who doesnt feel that way then i dont want him.)

Ok, on to my last section of work. My client has informed not only have yall been raggin on him but his whole offensive line. So i came up with some statistics that i think make the statement of our system hurt us last year more than the personal.

These were top ten teams in allowed sacks last year.

1. Rams-55 sacks allowed-114 hits on qb
2. Cardinals-54 sacks allowed-86 hits on qb
3. Dolphins-52 sacks allowed-95 hits on qb
4. Seahawks-50 sacks allowed-114 hits on qb
5. Bears-49 sacks allowed-87 hits on qb
6. Viking-49 sacks allowed-76 hits on qb
7. Jaguars-44 sacks allowed-76 hits on qb
8. 49ers-44 sacks allowed- 82 hits on qb
9. Broncos-42 sacks allowed-68 hits on qb
10. Steelers-42 sacks allowed-73 hits on qb

The best team in allowed sacks last year was the Buffallo Bills. hmmm. What was there record again?
Bills-23 sacks allowed-69 hits on qb

Now the interesting part is there left tackle was demetris Bell, now known as demetrus bell. He was the most penalized tackle during the year, and members of the site there is no way this guy is better than my client Mr. Webb. Which brings me to the fact that Bell was allowed to seek free agency this year, and there was no rush to pick him up. A couple interesting facts about bell is that attended Northwestern St. University, which is where i went to school. And also he is Karl Malone’s son.

Now everybody is in a rush to get rid of Webb and deal with the third and fourth best tackle in the draft. Lets look at some of these other teams who were high in sacks allowed and see who makes up their offensive lines.

Jason smith (3rd pick overall in the same draft as webb(6’5-309)
Harvey Dahl
Jason Brown
Jacob Bell
Rodger Saffold (33 pick overall in his second season)

Levi Brown (5th year, picked 5th overall in his draft)
Daryn Colledge
Lyle Sendlein
Rex hadnot
Brandon Keith

Jake Long (pro bowler, 3rd season, picked 1st overall in Webbs draft)
Richie incognito
Pouncey ( 15th overall pick in his draft)
Vernon Carey
Marc Columbo

Russel Okung (1st year, 6th overall pick)
Robert Gallery (picked 2nd overall in his draft)
Max Unger (picked 49th overall in his draft)
John Moff
B. Giacomini

Charlie johnson
steve hutchinson
john sulivan
anthony Herrera
Phil loadholt (picked 54th overall in his draft)

Eugene Monroe (picked 8th overall, 2nd year)
Will Rackley
Brad Meester
Uche Nwaneri
Guy Whimper

Joe Staley (pro bowler, 4th yr, 28th overall pick in his draft)
Mike Iupati (rookie, 17th overall pick )
Jonathan Goodwin
Adam Snyder
Anthony Davis (1 yr of experience, 11th overall pick)

Ryan Clady (3yrs, 12 overall pick in webbs draft)
Iane Beadles (rookie, 43rd overall pick
J.D. Walton (80 overall pick, 1 yr of experience)
Chris Kuper
Orlando Franklin (45th overall pick, rookie)

Max Starks (75th overall pick in his draft)
Trai Essex
Maurice Pouncey (probowler, all pro, 18th overall pick in his draft)
Roman Foster
Marcus Gilbert (31st overall pick, rookie)

In closing, i ask that you give my mammoth of a client an opportunity to show an prove in an offensive system this year that will be built on power and protection of the quarterback, rather than one that was built on finesse and provided the quarterback no protection.

J’marcus Webb-6’8-335-23 years old.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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