The Bears Den: May 10, 2012


"...where we're rockin' this franchise eight days a week."

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - "This is a talented Bears team. If they stay away from catastrophic injuries, and the coaches push the right buttons, I think they are going to make Bears fans happy."

Frey gives Bears four draft picks in the fold - Just McClellin and Hardin left.

Peter King's MMQB: Schiano's bond with paralysed player reaches new heights with pro contract - Initially I thought it was merely a gesture, but the backstory is immense. Also, readers' mailbag.

Follow WCG on Twitter. It's like a lemon to a lime, a lime to a lemon.

NFL releases OTA, minicamp dates - I expect (hope) Moon Mullin will get his A-game on by May 22nd, the date of the first OTA.

Jeffery works out with McCown in S.C. - No word on if Hanie worked out with McClellin, Hardin, Frey, McCoy... bazinga!

Draft fallout: Can the Chicago Bears' O-line survive? - The question I think he meant to ask was whether or not Cutler can survive.

McClellin grew up on a farm in Idaho but never lost sight of his NFL dream - Also, hates wasps and insects; uneasy about frogs. Will learn to dislike lions, Scandinavian marauders, and... um... people who work in cheese-packing factories? Power rankings - Bears come in pretty high. Lions already pretty high... bazinga!

Look back at the 1st-round picks of the 2011 Draft - Eh, what's there to say? Carimi's expected to resume his position after injury.

All-undrafted players team - Which players have a chance to make an impact despite not being drafted? Includes one Bear who should feel good.

ProFootballFocus: 2011′s Best TE Performances - I want to see Mike Martz' list: Matt Spaeth, for blocking a DE that one time. Brandon Manumaleuna, for not getting Cutler sacked even once this year.

What were NFL's most 'unbelievably believable' plays? - No Bears highlights in this small list of game-turning plays. We should come up with out own. A certain "Viking Miracle" from a certain '85 team comes to mind...

NFL is in need of a better exit plan for its players - Jack Bechta: "Too many players are suffering from mental, physical and emotional issues once they retire." Meanwhile, Roddy White says, "If I can’t walk when I’m 50 it was well worth it.” Tell me that when you're 50 and can't walk.

Cosell Talks: Two NFC QBs who need to step up - I thought this noteworthy purely because Cutler isn't one of them. Does that mean he's finally earning national respect?

[Video] More Disappointing Injury: Cutler or Rose? - For me, it's Cutler. I don't follow basketball!

Matt Bowen: Education one way to ease the transition from the NFL - Matt darling, I hate to break it to you but some student-athletes are more athlete than student...

[Video] Michael Bush sings the 7th Inning Stretch - Wants to be taken out to the ballgame. Not as memorable as Chester Taylor's rendition.

Know thy enemy: Overnight success for Vikings stadium - One vote away from sealing the deal. There's some good news at last for our favourite Vikings fan, Mr Rence!

Vikings’ trainer cautious on Adrian Peterson’s return - That's the other AP. Whether or not to play AP, in the context of rebuilding

Know thy enemy: Suh to try his hand in celebrity dating show - Hopes to meet a nice girl who'll let him stomp on her and doesn't mind him running off and leaving her behind when he crashes the car...

I never post "RIP (dead celebrity)" because, for a multitude of reasons, I don't see the point. I'd rather say... MCA, get on the mike, my man.

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