*A Modest Proposal

*The asterisk is for any literature bug but dedicated to Spongie.

I am a "Meatball fan". I am also a yahoo. (yahooian?) I have been accused of much, much rabble rabble. I have also observed the Meatball fan's in their glory. I have heard the calls of rabble and found myself in agreement that the post was, indeed, rabbling. I am also getting fed up with misused labels and undeserved accusations. To address this I have come up with the following definitions. I propose that from now on out we...

Use the definition of "Meatball Fan" to only define those fan's that disagree with my opinion. I mean seriously, we'll call fans that rabble rabble meatballers while calling perfectly reasonable fans yahooer's and everything in between. Every time a fan dares to question a move made by the team they are a meatball fan. And yet every fan who vehemently loves every decision made by the beloved often gets the EXACT SAME LABEL! I find myself a reasonable man. I think that reason should apply to any and all labels of the meatball persuasion. I think that from now on, the only official meatball fans should be declared by myself with Dane/Spongie having veto power.

Rabble Rabble- This is typically used to address any fan that appears to be repeating the collective "meatball" opinion. See any complaints about our current offensive line. Mention that we may need some help at tackle, get attacked with the rabble rabble label. I think that rabble rabble should also fall under the "meatball" definition and will therefore fall under the same jurisdiction as "meatball".

Yahoo- This is reserved for anyone who appears, attacks comments by the regulars without any relevant arguments, than retreats into the recesses. Since I found this site via yahoo, please use this comment for only the most egregious violators. You never know when todays "Yahoo" will become tomorrows regular. Keep the dream alive people.

Lastly, I am sincerely getting sick of the rabble, rabble, posts with nothing to back it up other than a few opinionated words and I'm also tiring of the broad label of "meatball fan" to cover any fan who dares to be in agreement/opposition to the opinions currently trending on WCG. This has been your daily dose of sarcasm. Peace out.

Oh and before you can beat me to it.

Meatball. Rabble Rabble. Go back to yahoo!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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