The Bears Den: May 17, 2012


"...where the way we feel tonight, we could die and we wouldn't mind."

Cutler showing leadership Matt Bowen: QB sent unmistakable signal to OL that it must step up its level of play for the team to succeed.

Bears to move Chris Williams to OT - Will compete with the league's worst starter at LT (38 pressures, a team-high 15 penalties for 82 yards, stalling eight drives; sacked his own QB once. Wanted to be voted to the Pro Bowl.).

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - On the possibility of a Marshall suspension, the WR depth chart, Cutler's weight, Tice, Chris Williams' role, Hardin to LB, Wootton's unproductivity, and if the Bears will retire #50.

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[Video] NFL Live: Chicago Outlook - Schlereth & Hoge on how vital the OL are to the offense's success. Somewhere, Angelo plays Madden and trades down to draft 10 DL because now he can.

Marshall: Bears couldn’t ask for a better leader than Jay - "The biggest change I see in Jay is his leadership."

Bears wide receivers possess size, speed - Whatever else you might say about Larry Mayer, he knows the difference between "corps", "core" and "corp". Écoutez et répétez, WCG.

Matt Bowen: Why is the TE 'seam route' so tough to defend? - Not defending it seems to have been our speciality, at times.

Young guns: Top 10 NFL players under the age of 25 - No Forte, you protest? He's 26. As for Bears taken since, here were the 2009, 2010 and 2011 draft classes. Thanks, Jerry. And we were so high on Gilbert and Iglesias (and Herman Johnson and Johan Asiata).....

Pressure point: Bears - Bears have systematically picked off their roster holes, large and small, but it's entirely down to Tice get the Bears' incumbent offensive linemen playing at a winning level.

Know thy enemy's Pressure point: Packers - Can their various injured and unknown RBs deliver?

Know thy enemy's Pressure point: Lions - Can their various injured and doped-up RBs deliver?

Know thy enemy's Pressure point: Vikings - Can their injured RB deliver, behind a young QB and a 60% new OL? And then there's the defense.....

Are student athletes becoming a thing of the past? - David Kaplan: The number of NCAA athletes ending their college careers continues to grow, but that's not a very wise idea.

[Video] Robbie Gould sings the 7th inning stretch - Still doesn't match Chester Taylor's effort.

I love this manic cover of the Jesus & Mary Chain, not least because they look like midgets in the video :-D

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