SMD's Bottom 5

This is suckmyditka's Bottom 5

In order from 5 to 1 he will now list his Bottom 5

Number 5. That feeling you get when Brian Urlacher doesn't show up to voluntary OTAs

I know all of you feel it. Yet again Lach's career comes into question. "My God!" you say, "Lach isn't attending voluntary work outs!" you say, "He must be thinking of calling it quits!". The correct answer is, he probably is done and will never play again so the Bears should start grooming Dom Diccico to start this year because he used to play safety so therefor he can step right in and take Lach's spot without any wrinkles.

Number 4. When Earl Bennet isn't elected the hands down #1 wide receiver

He catches everything, he's a pro-bowler, he's underrated. He's an All-pro and doesn't get the recognition he deserves. His 24 receptions for 381 yards last year proves that he is a legit #1 threat and can burn Darrell Revis every down.

Number 3. That one time Craig Steltz killed Charles Tillman

Seriously though, f**k Craig Steltz

Number 2. Matt Forte not being signed to a 10 year $400m contract

He's the best thing since Sweetness and deserves to be paid like David Beckham. If the Bears don't have him they won't win any games. Forget Brandon Marshall, Jay Cutler, and a defense with 3 probable HoFers on it. Matt Forte IS the Bears and if they don't have him they may as well prepare to compete for the Matt Barkley lotto

And the moment you've all been waiting for.....Number 1. When the Honey Bears aren't on the sidelines

On the real though, the last time the Bears won a Super Bowl was 1985, the last time the Honey Bears preformed, 1985, coincidence? Probably, but I like to think that having cheerleaders on the sidelines in a stadium that holds 70,000 people honestly helps the team and gets them motivated. Forget all the screaming, bleeding orange and blue fans. Forget the fact that they're being paid millions of dollars to win Super Bowls. The only thing that truly gets players in the right mindset to play football is cheerleaders. look how it's working in Dallas, those guys are amazing.

Rabble rabbale, garble garble, whatever

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