The Bears Den: May 29, 2012


"...where we wonder, since the Bengals and Lions have fallen foul of low-character players, are the Panthers and Jaguars next?" Podium Awards for special teamers - Devin Hester takes gold!

How much longer can Urlacher beat Father Time? - John Clayton: Brian Urlacher has what it takes to stay in Chicago. Well, yes: he lives there...

Ceiling more important than floor with Emery - Moon Mullin: "Under (Jerry Angelo), the Bears looked at a player's floor - or worst-case level of talent." Found it all too often, too.

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[Video] Are Bears mishandling Matt Forte? - Does Forte deserve a long-term contract? "NFL Total Access" weighs in on the disgruntled RB's claims that he is healthy and deserving of a new deal.

Forte's messy situation proves why NFL players need guaranteed deals - I wish I could be in a messy situation where someone disrespects me by offering me $7.7M for the year. Just sayin'.

[Video] How worried are the Bears? - Jeff Dickerson: He'll eventually have to sign his tender and be disgruntled this year and make $7.7M. I wish I could be disgruntled about only making (etc.).

Defensive Prototypes: Defensive Line - ProFootballFocus explains the nomenclature of the defensive line and their responsibilities in gap control.

Inside the Playbook: Welker's 99-yard TD - Matt Bowen uses video to break down route scheme, technique. I want to see one of these from the Bears this season, and I don't mean in the Berrian v. Tillman way.

Colts experience post-Peyton ticket slump - I don't want to use the term "bandwagoners" I might go with "fair-weather fans". Conversely, the Beloved are always beloved...

Know thy enemy: Six incidents in five months for Lions' draft class of 2011 - "Of the Lions’ five-member 2011 draft class, only Doug Hogue has successfully avoided drama this off-season, which begs the question, what exactly did the Lions see in him?"

Know thy enemy - Even before his recent fight with a teammate, Titus Young's attitude got him in trouble with some Lions veterans who don't take kindly to the WR's apathetic approach to OTAs.

Still think Goodell is turning it into a game for pansies? - One former player is suffering the effects after retiring due to concussions. He's only 30 and last played a mere two seasons ago.

Britain Lobs Heavy Accusation Against Bulls - Not Bears news, but it's a story that involves both the UK and a Chicago sports team. Does anyone in the UK actually care about basketball? Short answer: nope. And there's your insider news.

lowkeyman claimed 'N Sync > Backstreet Boys in yesterday's Den and I realised that I've never actually heard anything by 'N Sync... so here's one of their videos pulled at random from youtube. Well, I say "at random" but I quite like the brunette in it.

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