Success For The Bears Rests On Jay Cutler's Shoulders.

TORONTO ON - NOVEMBER 07: Jay Cutler # 6 of the Chicago Bears readies to pass against the Buffalo Bills at Rogers Centre on November 7 2010 in Toronto Canada. Chicago won 22-19. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Hopes are high in Chicago as the season draws ever nearer. Dare I say that hope might well have been superseded by a sense of expectation in the windy city. Everything looks pretty good right now, and there is a lot of positivity regarding our offence. We definitely have some of the best weapons in terms of receivers than we have for a long time. But there is one man who might be feeling the pressure to succeed more than most. Jay Cutler could hold the Bear's destiny in his hands this season. Read on to find out why.

Yes, football is a team game. Success is usually the result of a collaborative effort on both sides of the football. But there is no denying that some positions carry more weight than others in terms of contribution and leadership. And quarterback is one of those positions.

Jay Cutler is undoubtedly one of the best passers the Bears have had for a long time. He brings a strong arm, toughness and great leadership to the party each and every week, and has the ability to be one of the elite quarter backs in the NFL.

This might seem a bit obvious, but if the Bears are going to make the playoffs, I really believe that Cutler has to have a great season. Not just mediocre, not just good, but great.

He has (finally) been given some great wide receivers to throw to, and under Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates, I am sure he is looking forward to the season. But it's a season that might see him feeling the pressure to lead the Bears back to Super bowl.

I am not saying that other positions aren't important. But could we get away with Matt Forte (if he plays) having an average season? I think so. The same can be said for most of the other positions. Not that things will be okay if they play badly, it's just that they need to play consistently. But they don't necessarily have the best year of their careers.

The Bears need Cutler to show the rest of the league what the team and the fans already know. That he is an elite quarterback, who has all the skills needed to take a team to the big games.

Put it this way: If Cutler doesn't shine this year, the Bear's chances of making the playoffs will drop dramatically. Again, this might be obvious, but there are teams in the league who would still make it, even if their QB had an average year. I am not sure the Bears are one of those teams.

I think a lot will also depend on the offensive line. Cutler won't have the chance to succeed if he is getting sacked all over the place again. It is vital that the line plays strong this year and Cutler gets the protection he needs. Let's hope he does, and let's hope that he goes on to take the Bears to an NFC North title, and beyond.

But what do you all think? Is there another player that you feel has to have an amazing season for the Bears to have a great year?

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