The Bears Den: May 30, 2012


"...where it's fun to laugh at the Lions' self-destruction as we argue about what's worse: Nickelback or boy bands."

Greg Gabriel: Is Forte's durability a concern? - Bears drafted Forte during his stint as director of scouting. If there's anyone who should be able to give us a near-insider view of the situation, it'll be him. A must-read.

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Answers questions about knees, Cutler, Webb, starters, DeCicco, Jeffrey, safeties.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk: How do two tall receivers look? - "During Tuesday’s OTA practice, there was no one open on one play and Jay Cutler threw the ball up to Marshall, who snagged it over two defenders."

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Carimi back on the field for Bears - Back in action for the first time since offseason surgery. 'Return' won’t matter until July.

A new twist in the Forte contract standoff - Moon Mullin: At a year older, Forte will like the next longer-term offer even less than the one he has in front of him now.

[Video] CTL on Forte, Bears - Panel (including Haugh) discuss issues with Forte's knees and his long-term future with the Bears, including the fact that the offense is now built around #6 and #15. Kaplan thinks "Forte never made more than $600k in a year." Le sigh.

Jaguars reluctant to acquiesce to MJD's contract demands, too - "Isn't nearly as explosive as he used to be". Should they still Pay Da Man?

DeCicco gaining experience in OTAs - Relishing the opportunity to fill in for the face of the franchise.

10 wins for the Bears? - Would you take the over or under on the Bears winning 9.5 games in 2012? I voted Over.

What is a zone blitz? - Matt Bowen breaks down the basics of closed (strong) and open (weak) side zone pressure.

Terrell Owens hits rock bottom - Isn't it nice not to have to hear calls of "Bring TO to the Bears"?

[Video] NFL Total Access: Will character issues hold Lions back? - Jamie Dukes points out these idiots might make a stupid transgression that costs the team on the field, where it counts. Can't get on it if they've been suspended. That Schwartz is a genius.

Know thy enemy: Lions accept their problem, but now what? - Hope isn't a strategy, but right now it's all the Lions have. Dedication, maturity of Lions' Fairley questioned.

Know thy enemy: Ridiculous late-May predicament for Lions - You made your bed, you better lie in it.

Warren Sapp lets loose on former teammates in new book - "Dilfer … basically was an interception waiting to happen. There were times we practically pleaded with him, 'We know you're not going to score a touchdown, but please, just don't turn it over.' " Heh.

I am so very sorry but look on the bright side: at least it's not "Rockstar"...

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