The Bears Den: May 07, 2012


"...where the only good viking is a muppet viking."

Common drafting trend in NFC North? - Jim Miller: NFCN teams all selected for need, not BPA.

Peter King's MMQB - "Seau's suicide could be the turning point in player safety mission"

What impact will rookies have on 2012 Bears? - Jim Miller breaks it down, forgets to list Melton among team's pass rushers.

Follow WCG on Twitter. We might break down but we won't forget about you.

Bears to look at free-agent DT Lewis - Former draft pick of Falcons well-known to Emery.

McClellin's best trait is also the most valuable commodity: Pass rush - Despite versatility, McClellin will play only DE for Bears

Rookies in for a rude awakening - Bowen: This isn't college anymore.

ESPN NFCN weekend mailbag - "Q. If Tice is what everyone says he is, why all the media flack[sic]?"

Head coach power rankings - Love Smith might be smiling.

Two techniques rookie WRs must develop - Bowen: "Gone are the basic zone looks, free releases off the line of scrimmage and CBs that play with a soft cushion to avoid giving up the deep ball." Must not have seen too many Bears games.

A quick lesson in DB technique vs. the 9 route - Bowen breaks down coverage of the deep ball.

Bounties and Seau's death shine spotlight on head injuries - Lance Briggs: "In our mindset, to say I need to literally go 5 percent lower (on the body) within a split-second — how do you do that?'' Um, with proper tackling technique that doesn't rely on head-to-head contact, Lance. I did it for 12 seasons in rugby without a helmet and I'm perfectly 3[y54ew05h90########

ProFootballFocus: 2011 Run Stop Percentages: CBs - Tillman joint 6th on list of defensive stops.

Brandon Marshall: Too many suffer because of stigmas about mental health - Players conditioned not to show emotions from a young age and fear being stigmatized if they seek help for their problems. Article.

Playing 18 holes with Robbie Gould - "(Jim) McMahon tells the best stories."

NFP Sunday Blitz - Seahawks GM on the risk of taking Bruce Irvin: "Obviously you would like a guy be clean as a whistle, have them all be like Shea McClellin."

Because ECD missed Village People week, Muppets song week, and the song dedicated to him, here's a little something special that incorporates all three...

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