The Bears Den: June 12, 2012


"...where Pat Mannelly is always awesome."

Carimi rates on 2012 'Breakout' list - Moon Mullin: Gabe Carimi's inclusion on the Top 10 Breakout Players for 2012 is a good omen. No comment on the rest of the NFCN having a player on that list, too.

'Jay Cutler Show' off to a good start - Kevin Seifert: Given his sack totals in three years, Cutler has every right to take a wait-and-see attitude with the Bears' latest plan for the OL.

Bears Training Camp Roster - In the form of a slideshow, for some reason. Pat Mannelly is at #24 and he looks awesome. That's all you need to know.

Follow WCG on Twitter; like us on Facebook. Not quite as awesome (we're only human), but still very good.

CB Jennings a 'secret superstar' - Moon Mullin: Tim Jennings was one of two cornerbacks last year to not allow a touchdown.

NFCN Minicamps aweigh[sic] - Seifert: Key questions to consider for NFCN teams. Role of anchors not among them.

Bears Have Third-Highest Ticket Prices in the League - A study by Wall Street 24/7 found that the Bears have the third most expensive tickets on the secondary market. An average ticket costs just under $220. Gould to answer questions from fans - "Questions will be randomly selected by a member of our staff." Larry Mayer won't be involved even a teeny bit?

[Video] NFL Total Access Instant debate - Who's the most improved team in the NFL? Would you rather have Matt Forte or Ray Rice? Should MJD get a new contract?

Know thy enemy: [Video] Sapp on Suh's struggles - Warren Sapp breaks down why Suh struggled in 2011. If nothing else, it's an interesting insight into the technicalities of offensive and defensive line play.

Know thy enemy - ILB D.J. Smith could be the Packers' 2012 Secret Superstar. Let's hope they continue to play ineffectual A.J. Hawk.

Know thy enemy - Brad Biggs: Guaranteed roster bonus should keep Donald Driver around.

Know thy enemy - Lions' DE Willie Young figures to be their Secret Superstar for 2012.

Know thy enemy - The good news for the Detroit Lions is that they've just acquired a FA who was a starter and the No. 2 WR on his team last season. The bad news is that he comes from the Jaguars. And that's why I've always thought the "starter" tag to be overrated.

Know thy enemy - Vikings WR Jerome Simpson suspended for three games.

Former Bears punter Brad Maynard tries out for Eagles - Spent last year in Cleveland. No wonder his stats were so bad: his leg wore down as the punts took their toll.

Can't embed this, so here's the link for MADTV's parody of Nelly Furtado & Timbaland: Syphilis Girl.

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