The Bears Den: June 13, 2012


"...where it's veteran minicamp time!"

Forte absent from Bears' minicamp as expected - Not under contract so technically not a holdout.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - How will influx of new WRs impact Sanzenbacher? Who's been practicing with the Bears' first-team OL?

Peter King's TMQB - Isn't it nice not to have to hear clamouring for the Bears to sign Ochocinco (or T.O., for that matter). Now, as for Matt Jones...

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Jennings preps for competitive camp - Feels he still has something to prove.

Bears moving on without Forte - Moon Mullin: What a difference a year makes. Last year, the Bears offense depended on Forte each game. Now, the team is preparing for life without him.

Bears minicamp is minus Forte, but Bush has been a plus - Bears hoping he can be the physical runner they’ve lacked in recent years.

The longer Matt Forte sits, the further he slides on priority list for the Bears - Haugh: Needs the Bears more than the Bears need him. Unless he finds another job paying $7.7 million, that is.

MJD is getting iffy advice from his agent - ...who also represents Forte.

Jay Cutler couldn’t be happier with offense built for him - Neil Hayes: This isn’t Mike Martz’s offense or even Mike Tice’s. This is his offense, which is as it should’ve been all along.

Cutler finally can relax in his work environment - Familiarity with Jeremy Bates and Brandon Marshall eases tension of past and develops confidence.

The Jay Cutler offense - Seifert: Give Cutler full investment in the scheme and see what he can do with it. [Video] Nice to have some input.

No excuses for Bears offense - Is this the year the Bears finally have an offensive powerhouse to compete with the likes of Green Bay?

Tice on OL: Let’s not get carried away just yet - Can't really tell until the pads come on.

Players picking up new offense quickly - Larry Mayer's not going to say different, is he?

Seems like all the Bears are on the same page in minicamp - OK, I'll believe it when Brad Biggs says it.

Bears' new looks could give defenses fits - Matt Bowen: Alignments and personnel groupings show early promise that offense will play to players' strengths

Dan Pompei's Bears mailbag - Who is the most important Bear currently, who they cannot win without?

Know thy enemy - CB Chris Cook could be the Vikings' Secret Superstar for 2012.

Know thy enemy - Lions president anticipates suspensions for troubled players. Well, if you will bring in guys with known character issues.....

Know thy enemy - Woodson's official 'position' is irrelevant; teams will have to account for him wherever he lines up.

Know thy enemy - Observations from Packers minicamp.

Left tackle in the NFL is gradually become a less valued position - Changes in offensive approach and how defenses attack are making it less important to field the position with a marquee presence.

Music parody week continues!

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