The Bears Den: June 20, 2012


"...where we don't make excuses for having a douche of a head coach and low-character draft picks because, well, we're not the Lions."

Sad sack fact: For Cutler to thrive, it's up to O-line - In Cutler's first three seasons with the Bears he has played in only 10 games in which the offense has given up fewer than 2 sacks. P.S. JWebb wants you to vote him to the Pro Bowl.

Israel Idonije out for sacks this year - Playing lighter in attempt to get to the QB, would be happy to move inside on passing downs.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses whether the Bears have the most return specialists with TDs, and the likelihood of QB Matthew Blanchard making the PS.

Follow WCG on Twitter; like us on Facebook. Have you ever needed social media so bad? Gil Brandt's Top 10 running backs ever - Just think, the Cowboys came close to selecting Walter Payton but decided on DT Randy White. The Colts held the #3 overall pick in that draft and went for guard Ken Huff. [Video] LaDainian Tomlinson was inspired by Walter.

[Video] Forte's expectations for 2012 - Admittedly it's a fantasy football piece, but ignore that and the analysis is still quite interesting.

Biggest improvements in NFC North - Each team's biggest plus and minus from the offseason. The Bears' minus isn't the offensive line.....

Photos from Bears' charity golf event - Gould looks relieved excited that Ditka let him pose with the trophy. Mannelly looks awesome.

Breaking down the Cover 1 'jump' technique - Bowen: How to defend the underneath crosser in man-free.

Raiders showing more interest in Cedric Benson - Obvious landing spot, when you think about it. Didn't smoke enough weed for the Lions to be interested.

Former Bear Alonzo Spellman released from jail - Leaf in, Spellman out.

Know thy enemy - Percy Harvin voices frustration at Minnesota Vikings minicamp.

Know thy enemy - Jared Allen thinks 25 sacks is possible. If he faces J-Webb and his "Nation" again twice this season, I think it's possible, too.

Know thy enemy - Former Packers DT Johnny Jolly applies for reinstatement to NFL; team still hold his rights.

Know thy enemy - Packers DL Anthony Hargrove, uspended for the first 8 games of the season, says bounty claims against him are a case of mistaken identity.

Know thy enemy - Lions have a plan for monitoring Nick Fairley until training camp. Because, you know, grown men in their mid-20s need to be babysat.

Know thy enemy - Cliff Avril: "The guys that have gotten in trouble are fairly young ... it's not fair to make it a reflection of the whole team." In other news, Avril still seeking a new contract so please don't lump him in with the other numbskulls.

Another mullet rock ballad...

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