The Bears Den: June 25, 2012


"...where Just Dave rose to the challenge of 'Terrible Music To Try To Get Laid To' week"

Brandon Marshall, Chicago Bears enigma, uncovered - One of the NFL's most complicated personalities gave an intimate look into his often misunderstood world of sadness and anger. (Lots more after the jump)

Stellar pass rush a common theme among Super Bowl champs - Daniel Jeremiah: Stopping the run used to be the main focus of every defensive coordinator in the league. Those days are over.

MMQB - Peter King is on vacation; NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith discusses the importance of being a good sport.

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Forte won't rule out signing the franchise tag, wants to be in camp - Cites LeSean McCoy's and Arian Foster's deals as market value.

[Video] 'Moon' Mullin on Forte saga - Points out that he's 3 years older than McCoy, not as productive as Foster, and Bears didn't reduce money on offer in light of injury concerns; believes agreement will be reached.

Forte threatens to sit out training camp - "When you are an athlete and you've done everything that you've been asked to do and you've excelled out there on the field..." - So much so that they keep having to sign another back to pound it between the tackles on short yardage and goal line plays, Matt?

Civil suit against Brandon Marshall dismissed - Former girlfriend sought damages from Marshall for battery and false imprisonment in 2007 and 2008.

Understanding Brandon Marshall - Brandon Marshall opened his home to the Tribune to offer a genuine sense of the new Bears star. The picture that emerged was of a man striving for serenity in his life while keeping inquiries into his tumultuous family past at arm's length. Life timeline.

[Video] Brandon Marshall: Two views from Pittsburgh - A childhood neighbo(u)r and an aunt share their personal experiences of Bears WR.

[Video] Searching for the real Brandon Marshall - Tribine reporter Jared Hopkins and photographer Chris Sweda discuss their surprising profile of Marshall. [Part 2]

Marshallisms - Denies mentor relationship with Cris Carter; says Bates let him and Cutler freelance and just make plays in Denver.

Marshall invites reporter in, but dodges his past - "Rather than reveal, there was more effort to conceal, and in that, Marshall may have painted a truer picture of the background that put him in the place he’s in today."

[Video] Fantasy Weekend: Brandon Marshall - I have no interest in Fantasy Football, but they like to do research.

Have the Bears built up back end of the roster? - Jim Miller and former NFL executive put together a list of five teams that built quality depth at each position during the offseason; Bears near the top of the list.

Bears look for stability at safety - After burning through eight different starting safety tandems last season, will Conte and Wright put a stop to the revolving door at the position?

Countering the Trend: How Branch Shut Down Gronkowski - Apparently you need a safety with man-coverage skills to contend with the new breed of TEs. Bears have two former CBs in the safety group...

Deal or no Deal - Will Wes Welker and other big names get new contracts?

Michael Irvin, Cris Carter warn Bears about not signing Forte - Because Cris Carter knows exactly what the Bears' front office is doing and could run a franchise better than an actual GM.

Three Years of Pass Rushing Productivity: Edge Rushers - ProFootballFocus breaks down the most and least effective edge rushers over the past three seasons.

Which player faces the most pressure to win a Super Bowl? - Romo is the hot favo(u)rite, but one analyst picks #54 on the "win now" Beloved.

NFL opens Pandora's Box by offering All-22 tape to public - Michael Lombardi: It is one thing to simply watch the All-22 coverage. It is quite another to understand what is really happening on the field.

ESPN Sunday still not confirming Chris Berman will call NFL - Rumo(u)r is that he'll call Sept 10 Raiders-Chargers game. Audio... off.

What is the 'Fence' route? - Bowen breaks down one of Mike Shanahan's concepts vs. Cover 3. And now we have Rodriguez as a pass-catching H-back...

Know thy enemy - Vikings CB Antoine Winfield turns 35 on Sunday and is coming off a season in which injuries limited him to just five games. Doesn't think he's close to being done.

Know thy enemy: Was Suh's stomp warranted? - Former Lions player, Al "Bubba" Baker has no problem with the way Ndamukong Suh plays the game. That's not "twisting the QB's head off", that's a "head embrace tackle".

Know thy enemy - Vikings' Harvin now views 2012 as “contract year”.

Seriously, there is a I nominate Moon Mullin.

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