The Bears Den: June 29, 2012


"...where Spongie4LoloJones Nation kicks off today."

Urlacher: Bears are primed to contend - Believes 2012 Bears have the best chance to win a Super Bowl since he joined the team in 2000.

[Video] CTL Debate: 2012 Bears vs. 2006 Bears - "Jay's better than Rex?" "Well, Jay hasn't won a playoff game, right?" "Nope, that is correct." ... this is your panel of Bears experts, folks.

USAToday team report - Your comprehensive summary of the state of the Bears.

Follow WCG on Twitter; like us on Facebook. At least we know Jay's won a playoff game...

[Video] Lunch with a legend: Brian Urlacher - Urlacher joined Waddle & Silvy to discuss his recovery from knee surgery, Matt Forte's contract situation, and the team's playoff chances.

Rookie candidates for 2013 'Top 100' - Lovie to paste this list on Shea McClellin's locker as motivational tool.

The greatest calls in NFL history - No love for "Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!" ?

Pats’ Robert Kraft wants NFL team in London - Doesn't consider the fact that having a single game here a year draws every fan of every NFL team because it's a once-a-year event.

Ex-TB offensive lineman Arron Sears has "almost total loss of function" - Attributes to concussions suffered on the field; details of his lawsuit paint a bleak picture of his life at the age of 27. Even money he could still beat out JWebb.

Chris Berman will spoil NFL's opening week - Dan McNeil: Wherever there's a camera and a microphone, Berman becomes a runaway train.

What is a 'Slice' call? - Bowen breaks down a Cover 7 technique to 'double' the slot WR.

Know thy enemy - McCarthy setting bar high for Packers at 35 points / game.

Know thy enemy - Packers CB Tramon Williams insists shoulder injury isn’t career threatening.

Know thy enemy - Fairley asks to attend Rookie Symposium. PR move or a step in the right direction?

Ex-Bear Danieal Manning sells Chicago home at a big loss - For a player who changes teams via free agency, plenty of financial factors must be considered. One fairly important detail relates to the ability to sell his house.

Lolo Jones watch - Hot athlete wants to date after the Olympics. Olympics are in London. I'm in London. Fantastic.

To round off Just Dave's week of "Terrible Music To Try To Get Laid To" - and to scrub our minds of the mental image that ThorCo left in yesterday's Den - if you take a girl to a club and she starts repeating the spoken lines to you when this is playing, it's a good sign.

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