The Bears Den: June 04, 2012

"...where we sincerely hope we never have to choose sides between Pat Mannelly and the Bears."

Mannelly on target for 2012 - Expects to be ready for training camp in July. Rejoice, Bear Nation! Rejoice!

Matt Forte should just take the Bears’ money and run - Morrissey puns.

NFP Sunday Blitz: Top QB/RB/WR triplets - Includes a trio from a certain team from a certain city that begins with a "C" and rhymes with "Hicago".

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Marshall intends to mentor teammates - "We have some great teaching tape from my days in Denver. We’re installing some of that stuff here."

Drawing up the 'Slant-Flat' vs. Cover 2 - Matt Bowen: Why this base concept is still a top call in the NFL.

Bears 2012 season guaranteed to make someone happy…unless… - Moon Mullin: If the team fails to live up to expectations, could Emery show Lovie the door?

Urlacher and Bears must reach an understanding - Dan Pompei needed to file a story on a slow news day.

Soldier Field renovations were short-sighted - Jim Miller: City is pushing for it to finally fulfill the promises made when it was renovated over a decade ago.

Defensive prototypes: Defensive Backfield - ProFootballFocus cites Peanut Tillman as the prototypical Cover-2 CB and gives him some love for being "one of the few corners to give Calvin Johnson problems last season."

Top FAs left on the market - Includes a couple of LTs, should ours completely founder.

Jaguars' Justin Blackmon arrested for DUI - Breathalyz(s)ed at three times the legal limit, a repeat of what he got arrested for in 2010. Remember when we were wishing he could fall within the Bears' reach?

Know thy enemy - Vikings get in on the action as fullback Felton get arrested for DWI

Know thy enemy - Adrian Peterson determined to play Week One.

Know thy enemy - Dom Capers' restocked defense key to Packers' success.

Know thy enemy - Lions fan as stupid (drunk? high? all three?) as 4/5 of his team's 2011 rookie class could face up to 5 years in prison for bomb hoax in an attempt to prevent team's playoff loss at the Saints.

Know thy enemy - Ryan Broyles could make Lions' passing attack even more dangerous.

“He’s a Winner” - NFL Films' Greg Cosell on why this term has practically no meaning.

Bears help at Chicago 1st Responders Bowl - Police v. Fire Department. Tice, Marshall, Urlacher to attend.

Nick Mangold's sibling for the OL? - Emery likes big bodies. 350lb is pretty big and you know the strength is definitely there...

Attempting a week of East Coast rap, as suggested by suckmyditka. Penn & Teller are in the video!

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