The Bears Den: June 05, 2012


"...where it's a hard knock life, for Matt."

NFL will start hiring possible replacement refs - Let's hope this gets resolved. What would we do without our regular Ed Hochuli fix?

Campbell adapting to new backup role - Career 82.8 passer rating would rank No. 1 all-time in Bears history.

Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Discusses impact of talented WRs on secondary, if Carimi's injury was linked to Saints' bounty scandal, and how to send a letter to Johnny Knox.

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Quicker: Bears need work on late-game drills - Jim Miller: Execution in two- and four-minute drills last season hurt the Bears on occasion.

McClellin adjusting to NFL life - Being seen and not heard, looks forward to cultivating a relationship with veteran middle linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Bears grade well in 'secondary' FA market - Moon Mullin: While the Bears didn't make a major splash, they added good depth on the market and have received positive reviews for their offseason additions.

[Video] Tillman goes one-on-one with Kip Lewis - Soundbites about the Super Bowl, Urlacher's importance to the defense, Marshall's locker room presence, and Cutler's leadership.

How to attack Cover 2 from a 3x1 alignment - Matt Bowen draws up the '999' route on the chalkboard. "Find a team whose corners don't even try to press" surprisingly not on the menu.

Two tight end formations will hit NFL by storm in 2012 - Somewhere, Mike Martz nods approvingly: MOAR blocking!

Shaping the Slot: Defense - ProFootballFocus takes a look at different approaches to selecting a Nickelback nickel back.

How do you 'bait' the QB in the sprint game? - Matt Bowen uses video of Tramon Williams' INT to talk technique.

NFL Top 10 Left Tackle rankings - No JWebb? Instantly gets on Twitter to rally his "Nation" to call SHENANIGANS and vote him to the Pro Bowl. Incidentally, I heard a caller on ESPN1000's CJ&H claim Hester was more important than a franchise LT would be to a team. Carmen dumped the call.

Know thy enemy - Vikings CB Antoine Winfield is healthy and ready to make up for lost time. Hey, we have to give Robert Rence his team news, too.

Know thy enemy - At least Vikings fullback Jerome Felton kept his clothes on...

Know thy enemy - Thirteen months into his NFL career, Nick Fairley has one sack and two arrests, hardly what the Lions had in mind when they giddily took him 13th overall in last year's draft. Family and friends seem unaware of perceived character issues heading into the draft.

Know thy enemy - Lions running back Jahvid Best isn't worried about third concussion doesn't seem to understand how concussions work.

Bad news, Bears: Rodgers wants to be a Packer for life - Moon Mullin fills in on a slow news day.

Donald Driver's not a bad sort (for a Packer, in the offseason, when it comes to a disappointed child fan) - Makes up for a young fan's loss.

Salty language warning from Mr Beyoncé Knowles.

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