Ditka's Lounge- I'm a Dad first and Bears fan second



Welcome everyone to the much anticipated return of Ditka's Lounge where you're always a VIP. Wait what's that you say? How is this the much anticipated return when there was no talk at all of this every happening again? Well months back Tony aka trfabotta asked when the lounge would return; well Tony today is the day my friend. The inspiration for today's post was brought on by my NFL opening weekend plans having recently changed. So if you want to know what the vsWorld family will be doing that weekend grab your favorite House of Pain, Van Halen or Criss Cross T-Shirt and Jump (Jump) with me.

Normally if anyone would ask me what I was doing on the first full Sunday of the NFL season I would tell them that I would be hoping that the game was getting national coverage so I could watch it. You see I don't live anywhere near Chicago or the Midwest and it's been that way for quite awhile, I've lived in North Carolina, Florida and Mississippi recently and now I live out west. So for me it's never been easy to watch my beloved Bears grace my big screen as I sit comfortably on my couch. Sometimes I have tried to watch the games online on whatever feed I could find and while it worked some of the time it wasn't always the most preferred method. But this year is going to be different when we moved out here we got DirecTV the sole reason being so I could watch each and every Bear game to my hearts content. I even have a loft area upstairs in my house that is lucky enough to be graced by two new leather recliners and a big screen TV and the walls in all my Bears related decor.

Some of you may be asking yourself now, this is all great and all but what does this have to do with the title of the post. Well you see I have a son and he is turning 4 next month and it just so happens that his birthday is September 11th and since that birthday falls on a Tuesday the logical choice is to celebrate his birthday the weekend prior. Why not have the party on Saturday, well my in Laws are flying in that afternoon so we won't be able to have the party that day, so that only leaves Sunday as the day to have the party. We normally don't have parties as he was still pretty young and our family lives far away from us. However on the way home after we picked him up for school he asked us if he could have a party and invite his friends over. How do you say no to a 3 year old? The answer is you don't.

So instead of getting up and having my coffee and settling in at 10 am (West coast man that's early) to watch the Bears I'll be doing my job of helping prepare my home for a Pirate themed party! I will set my DVR to record the game and then do my best to avoid any and all contact with any media or device that may spoil the news and outcome of the game for me. I will make sure my guest know that I do not want to hear a thing about this game or any other.

While I'm sad I'm not going to have the pleasure of watching the game live, I'm truly sad that my son is growning up so fast. If I'm asked does it suck to miss the Bears game, I'll say no because I wouldn't miss my son's joy at his birthday party no matter what I have to sacrifice for myself.

On a sidenote please take a momment in time that weekend and the following week to reflect on the lives lost on 9/11 as well as all the sacrfices made by our men and women in the Armed Services in their support of the operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Well that's my story, what plans do you have or hope to have Opening Weekend?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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