Top five best fan bases in the NFL.

I have been through numerous different websites for various different teams within the NFL. I have even decided to take a look-see through Packers fan forums (bad idea by the way) just to see if their heads are up in the clouds or they have some sort of weird fetishes that they talk about (a little of both). Of course everyone has their own opinion on who has the best NFL fan base. But those people are just normal fans that don't write articles like us (winky face). I find that we are the more knowledgeable fans of the world that can belittle their own team while over hyping rival teams. So this is my version of the top five best fan bases in all of the NFL world.

5) Dallas Cowboys:

No surprise right? Unfortunately I had to incorporate the Cowboys in this list. With them having the most total attendance rating in the NFL for the past three years they really cannot be left out. I do feel that another team does deserve to be in this spot but any team with the nickname "America's team" has to be on here.

4) Oakland Raiders:

My friend just so happens to be a Chargers fan and he would be really mad if he found out that I picked the Raiders over the Chargers. But I picked the Raiders because even though they might not be the most knowledgeable fans they stick with what they do best and that is rooting for their team. Whether its in a normal Raiders T-Shirt or they are dressed like this:

3) New York Giants:

If there was a team that related to the Bears which would that be? The Giants. Having a fan base that just doesn't care what the media says nor what any other fan base says. No matter how much doubt was pushed on this team they still came out of last season super bowl champs, how did they do that? Between having great talent, great coaching, and having a great fan base. You don't need any sort of approval from the media to win a Super Bowl. They might not have as many fans all over the US as these other two but they still out-weight the Jets and many, many other teams.

2) Pittsburgh Steelers:

No brainier, right? This team wins almost as much as the Patriots. Sure, they have a few bandwagon fans but they still have way more true fans than the normal bandwagon team (Patriots, Heat, etc.). I live in Orlando, Florida and I see Steelers fans literally everyday (even during off-season). There is a guy near where my brother lives that painted his van yellow and black with the Steelers logo on the side. You don't see that often outside of a teams native ground. That's a special franchise right there.

1) Chicago Bears:

Now, now, now don't think the fact that me being a Bears fan had any sort of influence on my decision. Because I truly feel that the Bears have the best fan base in all of the NFL. With the Bears truly in the greatest city in the world with the best people in the world, why can't the Bears have the best fan base in the world? This fan base has stuck with this team despite how miserable it has been with guys like Cade McNown (Instead of going with Daunte Culpepper who was born in the same town as myself) and Curtis Enis walking through the front door and being handed a eight digit contract. But then again Chicago isn't a normal city, nor are the people that support the Bears. Just take a look at the list of people that support the Bears:

Barack Obama

Bill Murray

Ashton Kutcher

Vince Vaughn

Dwyane Wade

(Unfortunately, Chris Farley was a Packers fan)

and many more.

Dwyane Wade

Post your top five (or just one if your lazy) best fan bases in the NFL on the bottom. I would say, answer the poll below, but apparently WCG took away the ability to do so even though I have done a poll in literally everyone of my articles. Anyway, thanks for reading!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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